Teaching & Traveling with Yowling Creators

Teaching & Traveling with Yowling Creators As I gear up to teach a new semester of three groups of yowling creators, I think about who my students will be. Like many instructors, whether university professors or elementary school teachers, I usually focus on what my students will learn. However, at the moment I find myself wondering what I will learn. I always absorb something–how to be a better teacher, new ways to communicate concepts. What...

Happy 4th of July from Yowling Creator

Happy 4th of July from Yowling Creator You may not naturally take me for a patriot. But I’m grateful for the many freedoms I enjoy in the US–especially the freedom to express my yowling and create. In many countries, there are yowling creators who are persecuted for publishing what they think. Some paint murals in secret. Others pen poetry by candlelight in prison. Whatever weary troubles your country may have (and believe me, mine...

Be a Yowling Creator…Express Your Spirit

Be a Yowling Creator…Express Your Spirit Isaac is a 13-year-old, blue-eyed, blond-haired kid. He’s sometimes shy, but being a yowling creator brings him out of his shell. When he creates, he connects with the community around him. Isaac has taught me that yowling creators come in all ages. We are no more, and no less, yowling creators at 10 than we are at 20 or even 70. I discovered Isaac as a young yowling creator one Sunday after church....

Your Yowling Creative Rhythm

Your Yowling Creative Rhythm Are you missing a beat in your yowling creative rhythm? You may not know it, but the rhythm and pace at which you create can be almost as crucial as the creation itself. The right rhythm is a well-oiled engine that keeps us motivated and enjoying our task, even if it’s not finished. When we move through that paper, project, or plan at a pace that suits us, we are more likely to keep returning to work...

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