4 Brainstorming Benefits

4 Brainstorming Benefits

Brainstorming is the second stage of The Yowling Creator’s Way. Sometimes we may be tempted to skip brainstorming in our rush through the creation process. We can see it as an “unnecessary” detour, if we’re facing a time crunch. We may think “it just won’t help,” if we believe creating–or getting something done–means all work and no play. We can even fool ourselves into thinking that what we’re trying to do will just jump from our head to the page, in perfect order, with perfect precision, and without need for revisions. But brainstorming is our Yowling Creator’s Way of dreaming a project, paper, event, organization, or even a business into being. It’s a useful step we simply can’t afford to skip.

Brainstorming is a useful tool

We use it when we’re a blank slate, don’t know where to start, or have too much housed in our head and feel overwhelmed by it. The precious gem dwelling in our mind can lodge so deeply we still feel as if we “have nothing.” Some skip the brainstorming stage, because it’s not the finished product, and they feel idle. However, prolific 20th-century writer Virginia Woolf says, “It is in our idleness, in our dreams that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top.”

Brainstorming dislodges the formless mass in our mind

It stirs the waters of the mind. The “storm” in our brain, while both scary and exciting, helps us to break through the lie that we “have nothing” when we truly do “have something.” In the ancient Genesis story, even God brainstorms: “The earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” Before our minds can “hover over the waters,” the formless mass needs to be brought outside ourselves.

Your brain needs “the big bang”…it’s the Yowling Creator’s Way

Scientists assert that in “the big bang,” the universe exploded into being from a “primordial hot and dense initial condition at some finite” point in time. First, there was nothing. The suddenly, there was something. The first shards of universe had no order, no structure, nothing recognizable. It was chaos.

It is in our idleness, in our dreams that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top.

Virgina Woolf

Likewise, the “hot idea” incubates in our head in a primordial way. The vision is basic, perhaps even primal. You can feel its ever increasing density. You either need to act on it, forget about it, or postpone it due to the pressure.

Brainstorming moves our idea beyond conception and into birth

Your “hot idea” takes up space in your mind, but it is still in its initial condition. As Stage 2 of the Yowling Creator’s Way, brainstorming transitions your “hot idea” from its initial, primordial state into something tangible that exists outside you and begins to breathe on its own. The idea becomes separate from us. It starts to have a heartbeat and a rhythm all its own.

Do you brainstorm? Why or why not? Share your story here at Yowling Creator.

16 Responses to “4 Brainstorming Benefits”

  1. Luis Alvarado says:

    Brainstorming our ideas is the easiest way the write a story. With a brainstorm, we have the option to organize our writing. I’ve been working with this tool and it really makes my work nice and easy. If anyone has and different tool, please do not let me know…..

  2. Lisa Marie says:

    Luis, thanks for providing your comment. I like brainstorming for the same reason: “makes my work nice and easy.” Although there are lots of tools out there, I’m still sold on this one, too. In fact, it’s my favorite part of the creation process.

  3. Miguel A. Gutierrez says:

    Brainstorming, I believe, is a good tool to organize all your ideas. This tool can help you to become successful on any given project. There is no better way to express your thinking than by using the brainstorming process.

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Thanks for the comment! In what areas of life do you use brainstorming to help pave the way for your success on projects?

  4. Miguel A. Gutierrez says:

    I have used this tool while working on Six Sigma projects for work and also for my church. Everything can be done better with “Brainstorming.”

  5. Kalin says:

    Free knowledge like this doesn’t just help, it promotes democracy. Thank you.

  6. Luis Renteria says:

    It true that sometimes brainstorming comes but not always in order. On occasions if they leave in order for example a love poem, but sometimes it comes as a whole song, and those ideas do not always make sense, but the ideas mean something and that is why I always keep a pencil and paper near me so that I do get the chnce to jot down the ideas. I even write down single words that come to the mind.

  7. Brainstorming our ideas is the easiest way the write anything. With this tool and it really makes my work nice and easy.

  8. Lisa Marie says:

    Luis,I’m glad you find brainstorming helpful!

  9. Elena Medina says:

    I think it is very useful to take advantage of the brainstorm step in the process of writing. Especially when our brain starts like a blank slate, as the article says and we do not know how to started because our head feels overwhelmed. The storm of ideas comes to our brain and push them out to take the desire form.

  10. Suelen E Santos says:

    Since I heard and learn about the technic of brainstorm, I am using it in all my creations. It helps me to bring out everything I have in my mind about a given topic. Afterwards, I can choose in the middle of this entire explosion of ideas, what I am going to focus in, which is my guiding light. Subsequently, when I finish that step, I have the sensation that “I already have something”, and it certainly motivates me.

  11. Tania Ortega says:

    Brainstorming is a very useful tool. I used to skip this step and would usually go straight into writing. After, I realized I was missing an important step in the process. I love to brainstorm either when writing essays or when planing events. It just helps me put on paper all my ideas.

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