A Yowling Creator’s Cupcake Bouquet

A Yowling Creator’s Cupcake Bouquet

I just returned from a meeting, where a friend of mine brought in a photo of a cupcake bouquet she created for a baby shower this past weekend. My friend, Esther, doesn’t really see herself as a yowling creator. She probably doesn’t even know what one is. Still, Esther is a yowling creator even though she doesn’t realize it. I am so excited to share her story with you.

Your Yowling Creation Is An Expression of the Soul

Esther was just baking cupcakes. From her point of view, she was simply expressing the love she feels for someone she cares about. She wanted to give our friend that special “something,” a heartfelt expression of what was in her soul. Now, she could’ve gone out and bought cupcakes to bring to the baby shower. (To be honest, this is probably what I would’ve done.) However, one of Esther’s noblest qualities is wanting those around her to feel cherished and important.

For Esther, this beautiful cupcake bouquet was an expression of her spirit. To do this, she had to acknowledge her yowling, that deep inner desire to produce something that didn’t yet exist. She risked and provided it for the party. Through her amazing culinary creation, Esther was able to know and be known by others.

Your Yowling Creation Can Inspire Someone

Although you may not see yourself as a “creator” or your project as a “creation,” I encourage you to walk in freedom and explore your yowling. For you, it might be starting a grassroots organization to do good in your community, connecting charities with people who need help, starting a business, inventing a product, or unleashing the latest and greatest way to generate clean energy. Or, it could be something as simple and profound as planning a kindergarten birthday party that stays in someone’s memory for a lifetime.

When my friend Esther baked her pink-and-white masterpiece (that, truthfully, was more spectacular than my wedding bouquet), she wasn’t seeking to inspire anyone. When everyone at the meeting oooh-ed and aaah-ed over her work of art, Esther simply shrugged and said, “I saw something like it in a photo and wanted to try it.” In the same way, engaging in your Yowling Creator’s Way can produce something wonderful that inspires others to experience and express their yowling. A single photo from a fellow yowling creator inspired Esther. As my gift to you, I hope hers does the same in your life.

For more info on how to create a cupcake bouquet…

 Isn’t Esther’s Yowling Cupcake Creation Awesome?

20 Responses to “A Yowling Creator’s Cupcake Bouquet”

  1. Muriel Elmer says:

    It is really awesome. I can only imagine how much people enjoyed it. It was a lovely bouquet. Muriel

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Thanks, Muriel! I’ll pass on your appreciation to Esther. Are you a yowling culinary creator as well?

  2. Treva says:

    Esther inspires good things in people. And that is truly a beautiful creation.

  3. Cassandra Threadgill says:

    This is a great example of using the Yowling Creator’s Way outside the classroom. It’s practical applications, as simple as they are, can lead to making wonderful memories. It’s great to see how a little inspiration can become more than it is.

  4. Erin Belluomini says:

    I think this is so true. That one can create using the Yowling Creator’s Way without realizing it. I tend to be a bit unorganized and so I found the structure of YCW a little rough to start with, but as I went through my other tasks and hobbies I began to see it more. Like Esther, I love to create special gifts for people. I love to draw, and as I sat at my desk I realized that everytime I draw I feel the yowling and then pursue it using the steps outlined in The Yowling Creator’s Way.

  5. Crystal Reed says:

    This is exactly what I am seeking to do in my research paper. I want to inform my audience while at the same time inspiring them to take action and respond in their own way. It is my hope that this is the message I convey. It was encouraging to hear that this is an important part of the yowling creator’s way. It affirmed that I am going in the right direction with explaining my passion for my topic.

  6. Jessikah says:

    Often times I try and steer away from creative or artsy things because I do not feel as though I can ever connect to those aspects of life and culture. However, this story allowed me to see that art goes beyond the limits of painting a picture or composing music. Art can be found in writing a paper, discovering a new gene and solving a difficult math problem. It was nice to see that Esther did not consider herself creative yet because she took a chance she was able to create something so meaningful.

  7. Gabe Maceo says:

    i love the idea that an individuals yowling creation can inspire someone else. I love this article because through learning about the yowling creators way I have only associated it with writing. Its fascinating to learn how it is applied in different aspects of life. I am now going to start looking for the yowling in others daily lives.

  8. Alexis Maldonado says:

    I think what Esther did was awesome. She used the Yowling Creaters Way without even knowing it and she made something amazing. To be able to come up with something like that for someone is pretty cool. She was very creative and brought something out from within herself to make something so amazing.

  9. Jonatan A says:

    We often don’t know the potential we have. This is part of knowing and valuing ourselves. Someone said “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”. Discover what can we get to do is a mystery. God created us with so much imagination, that we are the ones who put the limits. This blog made ​​me think about the things I don’t do because I haven’t try..! wow.!

  10. Brittni Bigelow says:

    Everyone is a Yowling Creator whether they believe it or not. Esther’s masterpiece is an expression of her beautiful creation process. I strive to have this effect on others through my writing. I want to make a lasting impression on the minds of others through what I have to say through my research papers. I do run into conflict sometimes and doubt my creation process, but in the end, I realize that my creation is unique. I reach my final goal for assignments by working hard until it is perfect in my eyes. I know that even if people do not like my creation, I am still a yowling creator.

    • Maritza Sesma says:

      The creation on the bouquet is a great example of Ester using her yowling creator. As you said she was just making cupcakes but in reality she was using her creativity in her own way. Just like with writing if given a subject and you just begin to write someone may end up creating an amazing paper. Personal ideologies make the yowling creator process possible even if it deals with making cupcakes.

  11. Christinah Uppal says:

    Taking a break from the stress of studying for finals I read this because of the cute picture. I find myself like Esther, shrugging off compliments of something created that I believe to be mediocre. It is inspiring to see read of such a beautiful work of art and a modest presenter. The refreshing sense of the description has given me inspiration that though finals week may be stressful the outcome may be better than anticipated.

  12. Carmen Gutierrez says:

    The creation of the bouquet reminds me years ago when my daughter was 5 years old and my son was 3 years old. I started designing and creating exclusive clothes for them. I drew the model appropriate, style for the occasion and colors according to the season. I love Esther’s yowling creator.

  13. Lupita Loeza says:

    This article has been very motivating and inspiring. I have been thinking if only the brilliant or talented people have the virtue of creating beautiful things. After I read this story. I am very motivating to start working hard because God created me also with talents too.

  14. Yes,of course, I loved her originality and the manner of presentation. The cupcakes in forms of flowers with different brilliant hues; white and pink petals set in a basket of greenery. IMMEDIATELY,my thoughts were in the kitchen where I love to express my own creations by cooking dishes which are presentations of my inner being. So, I’m told, by friends and others who marvel at the deliously tasteful creations of love that I cook.

  15. Maria Elena Lopez says:

    Yum! What a beautiful creation! Esther has a really amazing gift and is really good in creating even more beautiful desserts I bet. Its not ordinary gift to be able to cook and to also make art. I wish I could learn to be able to cook and to be artistic as Esther is with her beautiful desserts.

  16. Maria Elena Lopez says:

    What a beautiful creation! Esther has a really amazing gift and is really good in creating even more beautiful desserts I bet. Its not ordinary gift to be able to cook and to also make art. I wish I could learn to be able to cook and to be artistic as Esther is with her beautiful desserts.

  17. I love the fact that you can express your yowling in a different way. I am a dog groomer. The dogs and cats come in different shapes and forms. I am able to use my passion and change their looks. I listen to my clients desires and make their pets look like they desire.

  18. Luis Renteria says:

    I like how Esther expressed herself by baking cupcakes which was her Youling Creation. I also likes to cook food and plan dinners for the people I care about I think it shows them I care and helps me spend time with them. I think a smalll creation like dinner or cupcakes can have a lot of mening to other people.

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