Lisa Marie Sandoval

Lisa Marie Sandoval is a nationally published writer/performer, university instructor, and private consultant to professionals and pastors worldwide. For over a decade she has employed the Yowling Creator’s Way to birth her passions with joy and satisfaction in diverse areas of business, the arts, and academia and has helped thousands of people to do the same. As a two-time City of L.A. Artist-in-Residence grant recipient, she received congressional recognition for her use of the Yowling Creator’s Way with nearly 2,000 inner-city California public school youth, some of whom had never submitted an assignment all semester.

Lisa Marie Sandoval as a writer/performer…

She has been featured on television, nationally at Baylor University’s Art & Soul conference and Austin’s Red Salmon Arts Series, and locally commissioned by colleges and arts councils through Southern California. She authored The Yowling & Other Sounds from Highland Park and has published additional work in The Christian Century, The Southern California Anthology, Prism Review, and The Burbank Leader, among numerous others. The editor of the SGVP Quarterly lauds her as “imaginative” and achieving “perfect communication with her audience. They are invariably left deeply moved…and moved to action.” City of L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa while serving on the council cited her work as “truthful and heartfelt. We are truly blessed to have an artist like Lisa Marie Sandoval residing…in Los Angeles.”

Lisa Marie Sandoval as a university instructor and private consultant…

She has worked closely with business and organizational leaders, doctoral candidates, pastors, parachurch leaders, and regional overseers both nationally and internationally. From France to Canada, throughout Latin America and Asia, and all areas of the United States, she has helped people bring their visions, books, and professional strategies from a mere idea hidden in the mind into concrete reality. She has taught Yowling Creator’s Way workshops, courses,  or seminars at Fuller Theological Seminary and the University of La Verne in addition to teaching Spanish at USC. She holds a master’s degree in Professional Writing from USC and a bachelor’s degree from Occidental College.

Lisa Marie Sandoval’s recent Yowling Creator’s Way success: The Yowling & Other Sounds from Highland Park

A three-pronged launch as a book, theatrical show, and youth program, its primary purpose was to connect the cries of hurting souls. It used the Yowling Creator’s Way process to aid others in bringing beauty out of brokenness with their own stories. Portions of The Yowling were first published in journals around the country, then performed locally as vignettes, and finally culminated in a one-woman theatrical show produced by CentrePoint Entertainment and directed by Wendi Berman, which debuted in 2007. More about The Yowling publications and collaborations is available at www.TheYowling.com.

Lisa Marie Sandoval’s current creation: The Yowling Creator’s Way: 6 Stages to Writing, Planning, Creating…Anything.

This easy-to-read practical guide leads readers through each stage of the Yowling Creator’s Way, teaches them to embrace their individual creative bent, and shows them how to birth that project paper, plan, or presentation while simultaneously considering how the mind, body, spirit, and soul collectively work together in the creation process. Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency currently represents Lisa Marie Sandoval for this and other book-publishing endeavors. For non-book-publishing needs, click here.

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