What’s a Yowling?

Our yowling drives us to create. It’s that inner pressure–that deep, guttural growl within us that yearns to complete what doesn’t exist yet. It’s that howling hunger to know and be known.

For some…a Yowling is an outcry for social justice

Often what drives us to create is the lack of a good thing in the world. We see a need. We want to help. Our angst propels us to seek a solution. We want to provide for others or somehow bring beauty amidst the brokenness. Habitat for Humanity, Soroptimist International, local shelters, and generous scholarships for study are creations that grew from this type of yowling.

For some…a Yowling is a personal passion or lifelong dream

This type of yowling resides deep within us and usually is something we long for. We may feel frustrated, even miserable, when we don’t travel our Yowling Creator’s Way towards its fulfillment. This yowling fills us with a hollow angst when we stagnate in the creation process but overflows us with joy and satisfaction when we complete it. Writers often feel this way with their novels. Event planners experience it as they schedule towards “the big day.” Athletes, artists, and competitors churn with this yowling until they reach their olympic goal.

For some…a Yowling is a business idea, invention, or scientific discovery

This yowling is how our Yowling Creator’s Way manifests itself in traditionally “non-creative” arenas. Here the yowling is a drive to produce, to sell, to increase in new realms or branch out into the unknown. Christopher Columbus, the Wright brothers, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Oprah Winfrey, and John Maxwell are examples of creators with this kind of yowling. The creation process becomes a series of projects. When we work on them, we find relief and motivation. Creators in this arena call it being “productive.”

They also have learned that a yowling tends to gather momentum and can be fulfilled in teams. This is why businesses, organizations, scientific institutes, and schools are divided into “departments.” When the yowling is experienced within a community, the burden is shared.

For some…a Yowling is a primal search for meaning

This yowling is a soul-wrenching wail that sounds off in the center of our heart or gut. It can be due to any of the above types or be something more metaphysical or philosophical that arrives within us simply from inhabiting this poverty-stressed, spirit-blessed, humanity-stricken little bead of blue called Earth.

  • “Is there a God?”
  • “And if so, is he good?”
  • “Do I matter?”
  • “What can I do with my life?”

These are examples of a metaphysical yowling. Although all have one, we tend to hide it under a mask, seemingly safe and secure from others. Often we fear rejection or people thinking we’re the wrong kind of weird. Risking to reveal a yowling, we learn we’re not alone in our primal search. To be human means to hunger for the divine. When this yowling drives us to create, we leave a legacy and can impact others in their deepest soul or psyche.

This is why your Yowling Creator’s Way is so important…

Our yowling drives us to create. When engaging in our Yowling Creator’s Way, the hollow angst of a yowling gets filled with the joy of  a job well done and personal satisfaction at having made our invisible vision a concrete reality.

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