Yowling Creator’s Way

The Yowling Creator’s Way follows the natural process of the brain

It frees people to process through the stages of birthing something from nothing and bringing it through to completion with joy and satisfaction.

The Yowling Creator’s Way is not a method or technique

It’s a holistic way of understanding and working in tandem with the natural function of the human brain. Based on the six fluid steps used to create the universe in the ancient Genesis story, the Yowling Creator’s Way takes into account what happens in the brain scientifically and simultaneously considers how the mind, body, and soul collectively work together to birth something into being. Using your Yowling Creators’ Way, you can…

  • Overcome brain-busting hurdles
  • Understand your brain, so you can stop beating yourself up
  • Engage in developing your dream using what you have
  • Enjoy the journey of writing, planning, creating…anything
  • Consolidate straggling streams of thought into a strategic, cohesive whole
  • Launch a new idea or re-image an old one
  • Meet your deadlines…right now

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  • Receive ongoing encouragement as you work through your paper, project, or strategy
  • Get advice when you feel blocked
  • Express your yowling
  • Connect with a community of creators worldwide
  • Help others in their creation process by sharing what has helped you

The Yowling Creator’s Way can be done anywhere, anytime, in groups or individually whether you’re self-employed, a corporate manager, established CEO, entrepreneur, artist, student, scholar, pastor, or the one tasked with planning the family reunion. It can help you reach your goal.

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