Are You a Yowling Creator?

Are You a Yowling Creator?

A yowling drives us to create. You might experience it as an inner pressure in the back of your brain. You might feel it as a deep gutteral growl in the pit of your gut that hungers to finish what you haven’t even started yet. Ultimately, yowling creators yearn to connect with others through their creation. We want to impact our world, our city, our neighborhood…or maybe just our dog. You may not consider yourself a yowling creator, but if you can agree with any of these…it’s time to face the truth.

You know you’re a Yowling Creator when…

  • You have a “hot new idea.”
  • You’re sure you can do your “hot new idea”…but don’t know how.
  • You try to talk about your “hot new idea,” but the words suddenly disappear.
  • The more you think about your “hot new idea” (aka “IT”), the more frustrated IT makes you.
  • You can’t discuss IT, you can’t create IT, but you can’t forget IT.
  • You look at the page and have “NOTHING.”
  • And “NOTHING” scares you.
  • Then “NOTHING” makes you mad.
  • You hate “NOTHING,” so you crumple your page and throw it on the floor with all the other crumpled pages.
  • You look at another blank page, but “NOTHING” is still there.

Are you a Yowling Creator? If so, we want to get to know you…


66 Responses to “Are You a Yowling Creator?”

  1. Miguel A. Gutierrez says:

    Yes, I believed all humans stand upright are “yowling creators”, because humans are different than the animal kingdom. 1)animals use their senses for seeking food (their face is to the ground)/humans use their senses to pursue truth(better to look up and about), 2)the brain always functions better when is above the other parts of the body, 3)if we walked on all four, our hands would not be available for other things, and 4)if we walked on all fours, we would have to take hold of food by our mouths, and it will be hard on our speech. This is the reason we walk erect because some purposes (communicating, seeking truth, using our hands and brain) are best by doing so and be able to create.

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Very interesting perspective, Miguel. Intentional creation is definitely a higher form of communication. Thanks for taking the time to share your input.

    • Tristan Avila says:

      Yes, I do believe I am a Yowling creator when it comes to my writing. I know the point I want to get across or the thought processes I wish to evoke in others but, my delivery does not achieve that task. Where as if I am planning, and or, running an event I can easily get my point across to my audience. When I have that blank paper or screen in front of me I begin to question if my new idea is even worth pursuing.

      • Lisa Marie says:

        The verbal vs. written dilemma can be a headache. Definitely been there!

      • Eric Garcia says:

        I do believe that I am a Yowling Creator but it is not just in my writing it is usually the spontaneous ideas I get almost constantly. The ideas that my mind creates always makes complete sense to me but when I am trying to convey it to another person or in a document I always seem to find a number of flaws in it or I find it impossible to explain. When it becomes too overbearing or frustrating to try and make someone understand my point or idea I eventually discard it and move onto something else as well as think to myself that my idea wasn’t a big deal anyway. Following this I usually find slight regret and dissatisfaction for not accomplishing the task I set out for myself.

  2. Luis Alvarado says:

    Hi, if anyone knows any website about some literary techniques please, let me know Thanks….

  3. Lizzie Toscano says:

    3 years ago is when a dream sprang to my life “write my own book”
    I picture myself holding my work finished. I also picture how the readers will be impacted…I am such a dreamer ha?
    I have lots of things to say, lots of thoughts to write down,I would like to have the right words to express myself fluently and clearly.
    I know, I am not alone on this boat, but with “NOTHING.”

  4. Will says:

    Gosh, I wish I would have had that information earlier!

  5. Roseanna says:

    Surprisingly well-written and informative for a free online article.

  6. Lisa Marie says:

    As you can see with the comments here, Lizzie, you’re DEFINITELY not alone. 🙂

  7. I felt scared first time writing, I would like to have the right words to express myself fluently and clearly.

  8. Raul Fajardo says:

    Great read. Thank you Professor Sandoval for your great teachings. I have learned a lot from being a Yowling creator 🙂

  9. Kelsey LaTendresse says:

    Yes, I do think I am a yowling creator in most ways. I do get ideas that I know I just have to do something about. The problem is usually I have no idea where to start, or even if its possible. It is frustrating to see it in your mind, but then be able to communicate it on a page or in real life. Some ideas I get eventually fade because I don’t think I’m informed enough or it’s just to much work to try and get it out. I do think everyone has a creative part of them, it just comes out in different ways. A lot of people might think they aren’t creative, but they might just not recognize it. I don’t have a lot of yowling creator ideas, but I do sometimes.

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Kelsey, you bring up a good point. Fading ideas make space for new ones. For this reason, I like to jot my ideas on paper–even if it’s on a napkin–so I don’t lose them. Maybe I use the idea. Maybe I don’t. But at least my mind rest knowing I’ve put it somewhere.

  10. Abby Ludlow says:

    I think that whenever an idea or thought comes to my mind I keep it to myself instead of sharing it out loud. I’m not really sure if I am a Yowling Creator. I do stare at a page and nothing comes to my mind but that is because I am not a very creative when it comes to writing. I am hoping to learn how to be more creative in my writing and how to become a Yowling Creator.

  11. Patricia Rivera says:

    Yes, I believe that I am a “Yowling Creator”. There’s always those topics, whether in conversation or in a paper, where I feel that I know what I’m talking about, in my head at least, but it can’t properly come out of my mouth or in writing. Some of these “ideas” aren’t specifically new, but just subjects that keep festering in my head.

  12. Beth Padini says:

    I am at a point where I am fine and quite content with just being where things are now. Yet at the same time, things are not okay. At least not for the people who live in a place where human trafficking or other forms of chaos are rampant. In these cases, there is a yowling. I believe there is a Yowling Creator in every person in that when put in certain situations, he or she just wants to scream their point of view and demand change. But creating change is difficult and a lot of the times, there isn’t much one can do.

  13. Vanessa Walters says:

    Yes, I am definitely a yowling creator. Often times I have ideas of essays or even books, (when I’m feeling generous,) that I would love to write. Mostly they are about political ideas or analysis on studies that have been conducted in the past, sometimes even a response to a book, but I rarely can find the way to express the words I feel on paper correctly. I start a sentence, or even a paragraph, only to delete it because it’s not, “good enough”. Creative thinking is normal for humans. In fact, I believe everyone has a creative bone in their body somewhere. We were all created in God’s image and God himself designed and created the world! So too we should be able to construct our own creation. Getting that creativity out in an understandable way to other humans is the difficult part.

  14. Kimberly M. says:

    I most certainly giggled to myself while reading this. Yes, I suppose I will consider myself a “Yowling Creator” at this point. Humans were created in the Image of a creative Creator and have the desire to create. When we can’t figure out how to make our creativity happen, it sits inside of us and bubbles up until we explode. I’m glad I’m not alone in the “Nothing” monster staring back at me!

  15. Anne Landrum says:

    I am the complete definition of a Yowling Creator. Often, when I feel strong emotions about a topic or situation, I want to articulate these feelings. I find that I just do not have the words to describe these emotions in a way that I find sufficient. This hesitation amounts to exactly, “NOTHING”. Because of this, there is an empty pile of ideas and aspirations hiding in the recycling bin of my mind.

  16. Maritza Sesma says:

    I guess in many ways I am like a yowling creator. Sometimes it is just hard to get your entire thought on a page.

  17. Andrew Martin says:

    I definitely feel like I can be a Yowling creator. I can come up with this fantastic, new, unique, creative idea and then cannot possibly comprehend anyway to get it from my brain into the actual world. I tend to lose motivation and forget about it after a period of desperately trying to expand upon it. On that note, I believe anyone working in any creating medium is, or at least at one point has been, a yowling creator.

    • Lisa Marie says:

      So true, Andy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come up with an idea that seems bigger than my brain. At one point in time, this website was one of those ideas.

  18. Leena Im says:

    Wow, I feel like I just read an article about myself. I have a problem expressing my thoughts on paper, but I’m very good at discussing and making outlines. When it comes down to writing essays my mind becomes a “blank page”. All the energy and the enthusiasm leave my brain and I become restless. I wish that I wasn’t a “Yowling Creator”, so I can finish what I started.

  19. Isaac McAllister says:

    A yowling creator I most certainly am.. Ever since I was young I’ve loved to create using…well, everything. Most recently it has been through my music. I love to design sounds and instruments using digital software on my Mac and then use those sounds to create foot-stomping, head banging electronic music. The problem however, is that although I can perfectly envision the amazing sounds in my head, whenever I try and translate that into actual noise, it sounds nothing like what I wanted it to sound like, get frustrated, and move on to the next “great idea” i have only to simply repeat the process. Hopefully this class will teach me how to harness the ideas and turn them into reality.

  20. Damorye Jones says:

    I believe that to some degree I am a Yowling Creator. I mean that in the way that, yes, I do react that way when I have a new idea however, I am not afraid of “nothing”. I am the type of person that is willing to embrace nothing because, in my opinion, that means that something is bound to happen because nothing is only a temporary state of being. When there is nothing I am forced to then, create something or wait for something, both of which are incredibly rewarding processes. The action that is required to create is great, but at the same time the discipline that is necessary to wait is so much more powerful.

  21. Hailee Andrews says:

    I would agree with just about all the statements listed! It seems that just about every time I get excited about a new topic or have a fresh new idea on something,that I just can’t seem to put my ideas into words on a paper. All these ideas seemed crammed in my head and I’m just dying to let them all out and express it all to other people. I know one day I’ll find the words I need to express my ideas.

  22. Jordan Norwood says:

    Yes,I think all of us are “yowling creators”. I think, confidence, creativity, belief, and your own thought process makes you a yowling creator. Your yowling is your own. No ones yowling is the same, your own thought process is your yowling. That’s what makes each of us and our yowling unique.

  23. James Rex Atwell says:

    Is it okay to be a part time or partial howling creator. I do write. But I don’t necessarily have a process. I do get those hot ideas but if I don’t have the inspiration to expand upon it I don’t get frustrated. Unlike the description I write/ create knowing fully well that I won’t share or connect with anyone. This because I myself would like to keep it private. I also write for no real reason. There aren’t any deadlines or intrinsic drive that forces me to write. So I’m perfectly fine with the “void journal” or staring at the “blank page.” I let the inspiration just come to me. It can take 2 minutes to 2 months. I might have to admit to being a creator. But that creator within doesn’t necessarily yowl.

  24. Jaylene Land says:

    I myself am a yowling creator. There’s so many ideas i have and come up with but don’t know all the time how to put them in motion to start the process to get them rolling. It gets frustrating and overwhelming to the point where you want to give up but you don’t cause you want to succeed in what you’re trying to accomplish. All the while you have this never ending urge and burning it side of you to get it done but you’re stuck and don’t know how to proceed ….

  25. Marisa Walters says:

    I believe that I am a Yowling when it comes to writing. Looking at a blank page and trying to come up with a good idea is frustrating. Instead of fighting against that feeling I give in and stop working on it . And when I finally think of a good idea, puting it on paper just never turns out the way I thought it would in my head.

  26. Christinah Uppal says:

    I definitely have ideas and thoughts that I can’t quite form on paper or explain fully. I also have no idea how to go about starting them but I can see the finished project and how I think it is supposed to be. I do believe this qualifies me as a yowling creator.

  27. Tricia Fontneau-Ramos says:

    I definitely believe that I am a yowling creator. I find myself getting stuck the most when I’m writing music. I always have a great idea in my head and then when I put it on to paper, it just doesn’t do my idea justice. Even when I’m creating short stories or covering a topic that I get to choose, I constantly find myself settling for something lesser than my original story because I can’t put it into the right words. The goal for everything I write is to have an impact and it’s frustrating when I have to put those ideas aside simply because I don’t know how to express it.

  28. Austin Langrehr says:

    I’m not so sure about the “hot new idea” part but I definitely have those moments of an inner voice that wants to be heard or, at the very least, tangled thoughts which desire nothing more than to be spilled out onto a page where they might find some peace. But of course, sadly to say, often times neither that inner voice nor those tangled thoughts are given any justice and I’m left with that “NOTHING.” I guess that makes me an honorary Yowling Creator? Huzzah!

  29. Chrissie Cheng says:

    I am most definitely a yowling creator. Often times I get inspired by other people with “hot new ideas” that almost make me obsessed to peruse such as changing my room completely or even starting my own tee shirt design company. Half the time however I’m not exactly sure where to start, or I am not compelled to do it since it’s so difficult.
    Another reason why I’m a yowling creator is because I have the bad case of the “nothings”. During English class is usually where this happened when pressed for time to write. This would be my worst fear as I would have to write an essay in forty minutes about a book that I did read last night, that I want to prove to my teacher that I read – yet nothing comes to my head, scaring me out of my mind!

  30. Alexa Hobelman says:

    I would say that I am a yowling creator. My mind is constantly filled with new ideas and topics that I would love to express on paper. I find it most difficult to begin a paper. I may have that gut feeling of what I want to write about, but figuring out the best way to begin writing it on paper is a struggle for me. Once I have started a paper, then the rest of the words come easily. It is those beginning few sentences that take the longest for me. I am excited to learn the best way to express that inner yowling inside of me.

  31. Sydney Bibal says:

    Yes, I do believe I am a yowling creator. I think of these random but interesting ideas that pushes me to write or say something about it. The only thing that stops me from doing so is that I don’t know how to put it on actual paper. The thought is in my mind, but the words won’t come out. Its frustrating to deal with, but it’s something I can’t get off my mind. I AM a yowling creator!

  32. Tiffany Field says:

    I do believe that I am a Yowling creator when it comes to my drawings and paintings. I’ve grown up with the passion for art, to imitate and create my own. Although I know I will always have this passion, I feel that my skills or imagination have been blocked. Usually I would have pictures pop up in my head in the middle of the night and I would have the urge to interpret them on paper, but as soon as I look at that blank page with a pencil in hand nothing comes to me. This process happens over and over again and it gets really frustrating.

  33. Chris West says:

    Yes, I am. I find coming up with ideas for writing easy, but when I actually sit down to write I always hit multiple roadblocks which cause me to get frustrated.

  34. Jonathan Schlitt says:

    I would consider myself to be a Yowling Creator. Usually when I start writing I have this awesome idea or string of great ideas to use for my paper, but when I actually start writing it, I cannot get very far with my ideas. It gets frustrating because I know that I have this awesome idea, but I just cannot seem to get it on the page. Sometimes I just stop working on a paper because it can be so frustrating. I think that this Yowling process will ease some of the stress that comes with writing so that I can enjoy what I am writing about. This will definitely help me get through the rest of college paper writing!

  35. Kiana Logan says:

    I most definitely believe that I am a yowling creator because I have experienced most of the situations which define being one. For example, I will have the best idea to discuss that I am passionate about but I can never find the words to exactly describe what it is. This frustration that I get is not only limited to my writing, it happens frequently in my every day life when I converse with people. In my mind I know exactly what I want to say but once I try to voice it the words disappear.

  36. Brittni Bigelow says:

    Yes, I believe that everyone is a yowling creator in one way or another. Personally, my yowling is coming up with so many ideas at once, but not knowing which one to take off running with. Every person has a different yowling and I think that is completely normal because no two people are identical.

  37. Tommy Wlodek says:

    This is incredibly interesting and can be applied to nearly every aspect of life other than just writing. Very often when I write music, I hit this mental wall that is keeping me from completing the song. That mental wall leads to frustration and eventually anger. Often i have to leave and get rest then come back to it later. I know i can really learn from the yowling creator. I am very excited to learn

  38. Julie Ovenell says:

    I definitely think that each on of us is a “Yowling Creator”. There are many people though that ignore that “yowling” feeling. They don’t know how to get out their ideas and they just give up. I also think that there are many people that have worked through that and respond to the “yowling” feeling. That’s why our world is changing so quickly with things such as electronics. People know that things can be different in our world, and they problem solve. They go from that “yowling” feeling and get it on paper and into words. We can all do it, it just takes time and persistence.

  39. Sara Nunez says:

    Yessss! I am a yowling creator. I do tend to feel that frustration often lately because of ideas that sound great when I hear them from my inner voice, but I have been unwilling to believe fully in their greatness. The issue arrives when trying to please my consumers or audience. There is my gut feeling telling me to just go for it, but a part of me is afraid of failure.

  40. Charlotte Vi says:

    I agree as well, I believe that everyone has potential to be a yowling creator. When an individual realizes this and works at it, they can go about contributing something unique and great to society. I tend to have an occasional good idea once in a while, it is just a matter of doing research and putting effort into figuring out how to make the idea become real.

  41. Christian Caraveo says:

    I feel that I am a active “Yowling Creator”. Although sometimes it is hard to get started on paper I am able to affirm my ideas and beliefs within myself and begin to produce work. I agree with what you say and I think that at some point in order to impact those around you you must change from “nothing” scaring you to nothing scaring you, or at least most things.

  42. Fernanda Gutierrez says:

    Yes, I believe I am a yowling creator because when ever I try to write an essay or anything in that category I get frustrated when my new idea doesn’t come out like I want it too. I tend to rewrite it over and over again but, I still can’t get it right. However I think that is what makes a good creator, a person who doesn’t stop until their new hot idea is perfect.

  43. Austin Santiago says:

    yes i am a yowling creator! my brain is constantly going and flooding with new and fascinating ideas. i have so many things to try and communicate all at once and it is difficult for me to write it out. however that does not stop me from pursuing my thoughts, and ultimately putting them to paper. “i’m, ‘pregnant’ with my ideas”, they just need a little help on the delivery sometimes.

  44. Sasha Brudlo says:

    Sometimes I’m a yowling creator. It’s hard when you have an idea that you’re sure you want to do something with, but you don’t know what. Whenever I don’t know exactly what I want to do with my idea, I find it hard to start. The beginning is usually the hardest part, but everything’s got to start somewhere.

  45. Skylar Burt says:

    I definitely feel like I deal with the frustration of the “nothing” on a blank piece of paper. In that way maybe I do define myself as a Yowling Creator. I can have so many ideas in my head throughout the course of a day, but as soon as a blank piece of paper is before me and I try to start the assignment, my mind seems to be wiped clean.

  46. Camille Manning says:

    This post excites me for this upcoming semester, I can’t wait to learn from what you have to offer.

  47. Natalie Reagan says:

    I think that I can be considered a yowling creator because I get random ideas but sometimes don’t know how to act upon them. Also when writing I brainstorm ideas but when it comes to writing I don’t know how to put it in order. Because I have so many ideas at once i sometimes forget my thought process mid sentence. I always have something to start writting but it takes a while for my ideas to kick into action.

  48. Austin says:

    Im a kind of person that hates to be unproductive. I always have to feel like I am accomplishing something or else I feel extremely lazy. That is why most summers I get very unhappy and sometimes depressed. I feel like I am getting nothing accomplished sitting around reading, hanging with friends, or watching television. By the time August comes around I am so ready to go back to school so I can create again and learn something. This summer I had a job and worked 40 hours a week and that made me feel productive and happy all summer. This summer I never wanted it to end. Because of this I feel like I am a Yowling Creator. I feel a constant need to create or get ideas out and put them to good use.

  49. Daniel Vazquez says:

    I am definitely a Yowler. I can not stand the frustration of a blank page in front of me, but a world of amazing ideas in my head. I think it is the worst feeling when you freeze at the keyboard, it’s like common dude let it all out.

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