Be a Yowling Creator…Express Your Spirit

Be a Yowling Creator…Express Your Spirit

Isaac is a 13-year-old, blue-eyed, blond-haired kid. He’s sometimes shy, but being a yowling creator brings him out of his shell. When he creates, he connects with the community around him. Isaac has taught me that yowling creators come in all ages. We are no more, and no less, yowling creators at 10 than we are at 20 or even 70.

I discovered Isaac as a young yowling creator one Sunday after church. During the service, he had created an origami peacock. What most impressed me was that after he created the peacock “the way you’re supposed to do it,”  he created another one using his own style and flaring folds. He broke the rules of what he was taught an origami peacock should be, had a blast doing it, and produced his own creation. I’ve also seen him do this with a surfer on his board and that same surfer beneath a tubular wave. In fact, Isaac has a whole shelf full of this stuff.

The funny thing is Isaac doesn’t even know he’s a yowling creator. He just follows the flow of his imagination and passion. Yowling Creator Quiz ImageIt’s not the particular form of art that attracts him. First it was making stop-motion movies. Now it’s origami. Tomorrow it could be metallic talking heads.

 Yowling Creators Can Make Money Without Trying

So often we think that pursuing our passion as a career is linked with economics. We put earning potential first and passion second. After all, we gotta eat, right? The problem with this mindset is that some people never even make it to discovering their passion. They get so caught up with making money that they leave their hopes and dreams behind. Actually, it should be the other way around.

Yowling Creator Yoda by Isaac

Yowling Creator Yoda by Isaac

Our hopes and dreams can lead us to a fulfilling career. Taking the time to create steers us to uncovering our passion, which can guide us quite naturally into money-making opportunities. Take Isaac, for example. This kid already has been commissioned to create special pieces for neighbors, friends, and family. He has earned between $5 and $50 per job. This might not sound like much. But keep in mind he hasn’t been promoting himself. Opportunity has arrived through word of mouth. This past Mother’s Day, someone bought his talents to create a bouquet of origami flowers for Grandma.

Here’s my point in sharing Isaac’s story: You, too, can find your passion and pursue it with motivation and joy. Isaac is an ordinary kid. He yowls like the rest of us…but he also creates. And this gives his yowling meaning. It doesn’t stay stuck inside him. Like a true yowling creator, Isaac honors his yowling. Isaac’s heart to provide something through the work of his hands fulfills a need for beauty and creativity in the lives of others.

In many ways, Isaac is heroic:

  • He takes time to create.
  • He spends his energy to elevate his work.
  • He risks by revealing his work.
  • He transforms ordinary minutes into significant moments to be remembered.

Essentially, Isaac helps to create memories. His origami is simply the vehicle, and his efforts express his inner spirit.

What do you think about Isaac’s origami and his efforts as a yowling creator? Do you know other yowling creators like him?


30 Responses to “Be a Yowling Creator…Express Your Spirit”

  1. Zuccini says:

    How did he make the yoda?

  2. Isaac says:

    I only folded the Yoda; Fumiaki Kawahata designed it.

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Isaac! Please feel free to send me more of your awesome creations.

  3. Kimberly M. says:

    I think this is my favorite blog post so far. Now that I’m in college I’m having a hard time pursuing my passions. Maybe that’s because I can’t voice what I’m passionate about yet… I know there in me somewhere, I just can’t describe them! I remember being younger and being passionate about silly things, but those silly things have somehow manifested themselves into bigger things that I am passionate about today. I’m not the type of person who wants to make money over doing what they love. I just need to find what it is that I love and go do it. This reminds me to chase after what I love and break the “rules” of how other people do it.

  4. Sasha Brudlo says:

    I think that it’s good every now and then to remember what it was like to be a kid. Being a college student, it’s hard to think about what you want to do for the rest of your life without considering how you’re going to feed yourself. A lot of us drift away from our childhood aspirations, and find ourselves on a path towards a more practical career. I hope everyone trying to figure out what they want to do in life finds something they truly enjoy, and finds a way to make it into a career.

  5. Tommy Wlodek says:

    I really enjoy what Isaac does. That is a really cool skill and it amazes me how he is able to make money off of it. I have a friend named Jordon. Jordon is able to replicated any picture or piece of artwork with simply paper and a mechanical pencil. It boggles my mind at all the stuff he can do. He is following his passion about drawing and majoring in art. I admire his passion for artwork.

  6. Julie Ovenell says:

    Wow he is talented! It is very cool to see gifts that kids are given and to see them embrace and use them. It makes me jealous that he’s found talents that he has. I feel like I do not even know the talents I have been given yet. It is also cool that Isaac has that ability to go from what he has been taught and then expand on that to make his own. That’s what we all need to learn how to do and get better at.

  7. Austin Santiago says:

    Isaac talent and skill in origami is amazing! I myself at that age had a fascination with the paper arts of origami. He is clearly great at what he does and he doesn’t seem to be bounded by traditional methods of folding, he completely understands how to create an object merely out of hours of practice and know how. I myself do know a similar creator like him, my friend, from almost nothing, can write an entire song about the air, breakfast from this morning or, anything out of the ordinary, an extraordinary talent.

  8. Patricia Rivera says:

    I thought that it was very interesting how he used his passion to create something so cool. He used his given talents and created masterpieces with his abilities. His story inspires me to discover my own talents and see what I could do with them. Though I’m an average person, I can do extraordinary things like Isaac.

  9. Hailee Andrews says:

    There is no doubt that this guy is talented! It’s inspiring to see someone fulfill their hopes and dreams and only makes me want to do that same. I don’t know of any people like him but not that i know that you can be any age I will have more of a scope to look for. I hope he continues with all his creations because he has got talent.

  10. Martin Gallegos says:

    As a college student, I too, do not have any clue on what I want my future career to be yet. Isaac shows the determination that’s encourages me to keep searching for what I am really passionate about. The difference between potential and passion is what really separates the moneymakers from the non-moneymakers. Dreams and hopes is what I find to be the most important aspect in searching for a career.

  11. Eric Garcia says:

    I feel uplifted by seeing that there is still imagination in a world ruled by the obsession of making money. I have a friend who is just like Issac only he does things usually on impulse or because he sees it as a challenge. I have to admit that I do most of the things I do because I am motivated by making money. However I don’t feel bad about it because I see money as a tool to use to get to the next step instead viewing it as a trinket of value.

  12. Tristan Avila says:

    I know I need to follow my passion and express that in my work. By doing that I can find the joy in my work. It will allow things to come easier and more fluid. Hopefully it will then allow the stress to subside within me.

  13. Natalie Reagan says:

    It is cool to see that he created that and took the time to get it just right. It is everybody’s dream to make money. His creation will eventually lead to business I think. I have friends who have made bracelets and sell them to people just because they like to make them. Anything can be created into a career path because creativity is endless and people can do aha they want.

  14. Anne Landrum says:

    I love the idea of Isaac and I think that in a way, it represents all of us. There is a certain spirit created by God that we all are formed in a body and it reflects our work story. When we are creating, we reflect what God had made.

  15. Jessica says:

    What do you think about Isaac’s origami and his efforts as a yowling creator? Do you know other yowling creators like him?

    Issac has amazing talent which is motivational to people who come across it. Its wonderful to see that he has chosen to pursue the passion that arises from within him and is not afraid to be creative or go outside the box with what he was taught. Issac broke those standard barriers to create artistic figures that God has placed in him which is inspirational. Instead of repressing such beauty, he has shown to express it through origami structures now, but the possibilities are endless from there. Additional to his passion and pursuance for it, to see the reaction of those around him simply makes it motivating to those who aren’t necessarily pursuing their dreams. I know this to be true for me. It’s not so much the seeking of more money that has been keeping me, it’s the fear of creating something that isn’t possibly quality and therefore not good enough. Consequently the artistic side is brushed off, the dreams are put aside to continue working for something of “quality”. Issac has reminded me that quality can come in the pursuance of your dreams if you keep at it or even begin to let it come out. The remaining factors will come into play. It’s like a good friend once told me: “If you love what you do, you never have to work another day in your life.”

  16. Elena Medina says:

    Is amazing the story of Isaac he used his personal way to create the peacock. His story made me think that life is in a constant change. We need exercise our personal experiences as a kind of transformation. These transformation requires the use of our imagination to create something. Thoughts or ideas that can express our emotions and intellectual creativity. Every person has a unique insight inspiration that can change something already established for a marvelous new creation.

  17. Luis Renteria says:

    Wow is surprising how a child can create something, sometimes we as adults are afraid to say what we do or have created, thinking of Isaac I realize that creativity is not for old people, and when we decide to do it we get out of our interior things that we never imagined and seeing what we created we know that we put all our passion in that, when we find our passion in what we like our spirit descent and makes us feel full so happened to Isac, how beautiful when we see our creation already finished and Say I did it.

  18. Isaac opened my mind that one can be a Yowling creator by using another form of expression. It is interesting how Isaac express what he creates in his mind with his hands. The passion with which he expresses his creative talent through Origami brings about the involvement of his community and results in economic gains. There is no doubt that he is a natural Yowling creator. Congratulations, Isaac.

  19. Celia Brewer says:

    I am astonished at the way a child of thirteen years can express his or her spirit. But it’s definitely clear that age does not matter when one if the yowling creator. Also, something that called my attention is the discovery and the passion to do something that we want or that we have desired for a long time. This involves not only wanting to achieve success, but to obtain materialistic things in all areas of our lives to want to make positive changes.

  20. Melvin J Banegas says:

    I believe that just like Isaac, every one of us has the spirit of creation, which we received from God himself when he made us.I think the important issue here is to believe that we are able to create and go for it. Most of the times we are afraid of what will come up, but if we never dare to try, we will never know.

  21. Juan Recinos says:

    1 )I think even though Isaac din not know about the art is on him
    By being a yowling creator,his able to communicate
    with others around,
    beside it seems like his art of creator is gen inherit by his parents,
    2 ) I can easily say that my school mate he seems like he gets everything so easily all homework and at class,

  22. Maria Elena Lopez says:

    Creative Writing 201
    My goodness, Issac, is a really creative yowling creator, his little piece of art are so beautifully done. I wish I had a gift like that so that I as well am able to share that gift with others.

  23. Claudia Guinea says:

    WOW!! that is all I can say. Love reading about Isaac’s passion and talent. It is very refreshing to read about young people chasing their dreams. His origami creations are beautiful and he might just think that he is following instructions on a paper to create such beautiful project, but it takes talent to make them come alive. I have always loved origami art but no matter how hard I try my creations are often a disappointment. Please if you are still in contact with him let him know that the projects you showcased are beautiful. Working with young people has allowed me to encounter many artists that hide their passion thinking that others might bring their dreams down before they even take off.

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