Brainstorming: Why Do It?

Brainstorming: Why Do It?

Brainstorming is a stage that I’m tempted to skip, even though I write and teach the Yowling Creator’s Way….

I suppose the reason is because brainstorming is not the finished product. I’m practical and therefore all about finished product. In no way does a brainstorm look like something I could publish, submit to an audience, or use as the main event.

Brainstorming is the way we dream our creation into being with our eyes wide open…

It’s a necessary step. If we try to skip it, our brain will continually hurl us back to this stage of the Yowling Creator’s Way repeatedly until we fully complete it. We may be tempted to skip brainstorming, because we feel the pressure of a deadline. As time ticks, we become impatient and stressed by “having nothing yet.” We’re taught that “anything is better than nothing,” that “having nothing” is bad.

The Yowling Creator’s Challenge…a microwave mentality

We yowl for perfection but expect it right now. If our project, paper, experiment, or event doesn’t turn out just right, inside we miss that sweet sense of satisfaction. There are many brainstorming methods . Some work, some don’t. The ones that don’t help…they frustrate and cork our Yowling Creator’s potential.

Brainstorming….your Yowling Creator’s Way

Whatever technique you choose, make sure it’s a good one. Beneficial brainstorms access what’s hiding in your head. They tap into the untouchable and help you relish the really tangy part of your vision with no rules attached. Helpful methods will not censor you, narrow you into “right” or “wrong,” or hold you to pre-determined expectations. A good brainstorming approach simply follows the natural function of the brain…your personal, unique Yowling Creator’s Way. It’s all about freedom.

Do you feel free or trapped and stuck in your creation process? Comment here at Yowling Creator. Help others by sharing your best brainstorming strategy.

5 Responses to “Brainstorming: Why Do It?”

  1. Mayra R says:

    I am learning that brainstorming is fun, because my right side of the brain has the freedom to get into action.It’s like a child playing and having fun, but at the same time learning; for example colors or shapes of the toys that he is playing with.
    Having access to write at any moment of brainstorming stage is very important, because the ideas are constantly popping in our mind, ex. as we are driving, eating or even in the middle of the night.

  2. Gabrielle says:

    You are so awesome for helping me solve this mystery.

  3. Nikki says:

    When I entered the Yowling Creator Creative Writing course I was so worried about how to gather my ideas and make sense of them because I had never wrote creatively before. Making a meaningful composition seemed almost impossible, but I have quickly come to appreciate the value of a good brainstorm and personally love the cluster method. I find the more I brainstorm, the piece turns out more complete and satisfying. The creations I have tried to do just “out of my head” always end up feeling like something is missing and without fail I always end up back to square one expanding my original brainstorm to grasp more working material. To anyone who is new to the writing experience I encourage you to always take your time in this step as it will be your most significant resource to fall back to. Also, the other advantage to doing it right in the first place is multiple works can easily develop from one well done brainstorm. Thank you for teaching us this technique.

  4. Maddy Herman says:

    I never found brainstorming as useful until finding the Yowling Creators Way. The YCW has thankfully made brainstorming have a purpose. Rather than disregarding my brainstorms like usual, I have been able to grasp my ideas out of them and make progress in the rest of my writing process. When stuck while in the middle of writing my essay looking back at the brainstorm has helped me push my way through “writers block”.

  5. Suelen E Santos says:

    The concept of Brainstorm is one of the most important learning achievement I
    had in those last six months. Usually, I try to use so many concepts, bringing a lot of
    information to my paragraphs, what makes writing so complicated. The Brainstorm
    technic allows me to bring on the first step of my writing everything that is in my
    mind about certain topic. But it is just a first step. After that, I will pick up some of
    these ideas to build my paragraph in a concise and coherent way. It was very helpful
    for me.

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