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Be a Yowling Creator…Express Your Spirit

Be a Yowling Creator…Express Your Spirit Isaac is a 13-year-old, blue-eyed, blond-haired kid. He’s sometimes shy, but being a yowling creator brings him out of his shell. When he creates, he connects with the community around him. Isaac has taught me that yowling creators come in all ages. We are no more, and no less, yowling creators at 10 than we are at 20 or even 70. I discovered Isaac as a young yowling creator one Sunday after church....

A Yowling Creator’s Cupcake Bouquet

A Yowling Creator’s Cupcake Bouquet I just returned from a meeting, where a friend of mine brought in a photo of a cupcake bouquet she created for a baby shower this past weekend. My friend, Esther, doesn’t really see herself as a yowling creator. She probably doesn’t even know what one is. Still, Esther is a yowling creator even though she doesn’t realize it. I am so excited to share her story with you. Your Yowling...

Your Yowling Creator Spirit

Your Yowling Creator Spirit A depleted spirit guarantees a depleted soul. When we create, we tend to focus our attention on what we think, how we feel, and what we do. But the role of the spirit for a yowling creator is a very important part of the creation process. Before we can conscientiously create, we need to know our state. Understanding our spiritual side and human identity feeds and nutures us in the journey to finish...

Yowling Creators Need Spiritual Release

Yowling Creators Need Spiritual Release Often the creation process can feel like a bubbling brook. It either splashes along happily or clogs with obstructions. Too many obstructions can paralyze the flow. Yowling from our soul brings spiritual release and dislodges us from such paralysis. It frees us from never-ending circles of despair and propels us forward into the hope that what we’re setting out to do we can achieve. Without fluid...

Do You Have a Dream in Your Yowling Creator Spirit?

Do You Have a Dream in Your Yowling Creator Spirit? Many of us keep our yowling creator dreams a secret, because we’re afraid they’ll never happen. In our spirit, we can fear failure. When we finally do risk to take concrete steps to birth our passion, the dream goes public. Given the spiritual and emotional dynamic of the creation process, this can complicate how we perceive our own progress. However, you can take advantage of this new stage of...

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