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Do You Have a Yowling Fear of Failure?

Do You Have a Yowling Fear of Failure? I recently bombed an important initial conversation with a new contact. Great person. Gracious, open, and interested. But somehow, deep down, I felt as if I’d failed. I didn’t put my best foot forward. Instead, I flopped it into my mouth–not just once but repeatedly during the conversation. It was like watching the Titanic sink in slow motion at high speed. I like to succeed, so the...

Yowling Creation of Amnesty International: Dec. 11

Yowling Creation of Amnesty International: Dec. 11 For some creators, their yowling takes the form of an outcry for social justice. Such is the case for artists, film makers, and writers who are routinely arrested for daring to speak out through their art about atrocities they see in their countries of origin. This month Amnesty International is sponsoring its annual “Write for Rights Global Write-a-thon” to support the release of those who...

“A Work of Art Is A Gift”

“A Work of Art Is A Gift” Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. For the past week I’ve been meditating on my life, the blessings and that which drives me bonkers. Most of all, I’ve been struck by the wild generosity of others and how this challenges me to rise to embody higher levels of the same. One thought I’ve been mulling over is this: “A work of art is a gift.” I discovered it in Lewis Hyde’s The Gift,...

Blogging as Art Form?

Blogging as Art Form? One of the reasons why blogging has become so popular is because human beings hunger for art–not to view it but to produce it. People were made for self-expression. Brenda Ueland, an early 20th-century yowling creator who wrote what Carl Sandburg called “the best book ever written on how to write,” agrees. She said, “The imagination needs moodling–long, efficient, happy,...

The Yowling Creation of John Frame

The Yowling Creation of John Frame Recently I experienced the yowling creation of John Frame’s “Three Fragments of a Lost Tale: Sculpture and Story” and found it both eerie and awe-inspiring. Housed in the Huntington Gardens’ Boone Gallery, it’s a phenomenal multi-disciplinary exhibition that mixes live installation, still-life photography, film, and marionette animation to convey shards of story that resonate...

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