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Yowling Creators Got Courage

Yowling Creators Got Courage Mark Twain defines courage as “resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” Yowling Creators have guts, because they exercise this extreme courage. They dare to enter the unknown, carry their creations in the cradle of their soul, and conquer a spirit of rejection. If you face fear and frustration when working on your brainchild, you’re in good company with other Yowling...

Are You a Yowling Creator?

Are You a Yowling Creator? A yowling drives us to create. You might experience it as an inner pressure in the back of your brain. You might feel it as a deep gutteral growl in the pit of your gut that hungers to finish what you haven’t even started yet. Ultimately, yowling creators yearn to connect with others through their creation. We want to impact our world, our city, our neighborhood…or maybe just our dog. You may...

Facing Frustration? Express Your Yowling

Facing Frustration? Express Your Yowling The best goals can take weeks, months, or even years to reach. During the exciting yet sometimes lonely moments, we need to stay equipped, empowered, and motivated to keep plodding through our process. When we create from scratch, or something from nothing, we must face down frustration at our highest levels. To do that, we need to express our “yowling.” Yowling Creator is all about...

Perils of Perfectionism

Perils of Perfectionism Perfectionism is a seductive, sexy slave-driver that’s never satisfied. Have you ever wanted your project to be so perfect that you couldn’t move forward, because there seemed to be no way of getting it just right? If so, you’ve experienced what I call “creator’s crunch.” This is just one of the perils of perfectionism. Beware of perfectionism. It’s a seductive,...

Are You Stuck in Your Creation Process?

Are You Stuck in Your Creation Process? Ever find yourself moving along just fine with a project and then suddenly get stuck? If you don’t know why, then it’s nearly impossible to get unstuck. If we don’t dislodge ourselves from the block, usually we can’t finish or we end up with a lesser quality product. It doesn’t matter whether we’re writers or visual artists, corporate manager or established CEO, entrepreneur, student,...

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