Creation Process: Entering the Unknown

Creation Process: Entering the Unknown

Whether it’s a report for school or a professional strategy, when we create from scratch, we start from a state of nothingness. Creating from scratch depends only on us. We must enter the unknown alone. Taking the first step, then the next, and the next can be mortifying if we’ve never been there before. This is the reality of the “before” state in the creation process, when we know we must produce something yet still have nothing. Inside we squirm or feel uncomfortable, restless, or panicky. We can experience despair, even before we start.

Your Yowling Creation Process: Get Used To It

The sooner we get used to inhabiting this state and the natural feelings and thoughts that accompany it, the faster we will move through the discomfort and deeper into the process of completing whatever task or project looms before us. In the ancient story of Genesis, the first words are “In the beginning…” Even God, perfect as an almighty can be, chooses to start his creation of the universe from a state of nothingness . . . of things not yet “being.”

No whiff, no sniff, no curling incense of an idea of any kind. More importantly, God doesn’t look around, freak out, and say, “Oh, @#*! I’ve got nothing. What do I do? What do I say? Where do I start? Why isn’t it happening yet?” He doesn’t crumble into worried tears. On the contrary, God starts from a place of peace and a posture of rest.

And so can we.

We can stand before our still uncreated creations, “in the beginning,” as long as necessary until we can take our first step.

Learn To Inhabit The Unknown

Sometimes we create more stress than is needed. We expect our little human selves to have all the details already worked out from beginning to end the moment an assignment, task, or project request appears on our desk. Sometimes we just need to chill, breathe deeply, and tell ourselves, “I’m at the beginning, in the unknown. I know what I need to create. I’m just not finished yet.” We can remind ourselves…

Just because we don’t have it all figured out doesn’t mean we can’t do it.

Just because we don’t how to do it doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.

Just because we feel scared, or mentally and emotionally unsettled, doesn’t mean joy won’t come when we take the first step.

Simply knowing this can cut down on our fear about an assignment, project, or event entrusted to us. Titus Livius once said, “We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them.” This comes from the guy who had to sit down one day and write the most monumental volume of Roman history known to humankind.

The more we know about our personal creation process, the less we will fear it. This is what happened for Gabrielle Gutierrez. As a full-time employee for California Kids Healthcare Foundation and full-time college student,  Gabrielle  found himself having to create a lot of things in very little time. Yet he says, “My Yowling Creator’s Way has helped me by better understanding the task at hand. How to find that comfortable place and let the ideas flow.”

He did it by learning to enter the unknown.

11 Responses to “Creation Process: Entering the Unknown”

  1. Greta Cruzen says:

    Hello dude! Where can I find additional articles about this?

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Only here at Yowling Creator, Greta! This concept sprang from my own experience with the creation process. I haven’t read where anyone else is talking about this. Please let me know if you, as I’d to join their conversation. In the meantime, check back next week and the one after that. “Entering the Unknown” will be the topic of further blogs.

    • Jodie says:

      Big help, big help. And superlative news of course.

  2. Lizzie Toscano says:

    when I get an idea for a new creation, the first thing that i have with me is perfection.
    I want my new piece just to be perfect, and of course it gives me more stress than I need.
    The more I use my yowling creator’s way the fearless I get.
    knowing about the yowling creator has helped me not only to be confident that I will get something from nothingness, but to know myself in a better way and get organized in a better way.

  3. Lisa Marie says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. I think your experience of becoming more fearless each time you use the Yowling Creator’s Way is very common. Birthing a project from start to finish increases our confidence that we can do so again with another new idea. The Yowling Creator’s Way helps us not to be so afraid of the unknown and gives a clear path to conquering stagnation and overcoming obstacles.

  4. Sandra Funes says:

    Entering the unknown has always been difficult for me. When we started the class I was terrified, because it was something new for me. I never wrote anything before, but after Mrs. Sandoval explained the Yowling Creator’s Way I felt more relaxed. Now I know that if I follow all the steps I will like the results.

  5. Tristan Avila says:

    I am so stressed about having nothing. Having a mini creation and having it stripped from me has left me with a lack of drive and thoughts. I cannot even focus because i am completely overwhelmed with all my tasks. I know i need to embrace the unknown it has just been hard for me to allow myself to.

  6. Tania Ortega says:

    The post “Creation Process: Entering the Unknown” helped me at the beginning of class this semester. I felt totally lost and did not know where to start. I felt frustrated. I had no idea how to start writing an essay after a long break from my previous writing class. It reminded me that even God started from scratch and ended with something beautiful.

  7. Liza R. Rocha says:

    Entering into the unknown is not a particularly inviting topic for me. In fact in recent times I have come to understand that for so much of my life I have feared the unknown. Fear has been used as a tool by the enemy to keep me from adventuring out. This stifled my success in all areas of my life. I am at a point in my life where I can appreciate your quote “Get used to it”. And, I plan on making it one of my mantras. The more I am exposed to this creative process. The more I “get used to it” and can accept the uneasy feeling that comes with venturing out into the unknown and am able to push passed it. Knowing that if I just allow myself to go through it. I will end up with something quite fantastic. Because I have a lot to contribute to this world. “Getting used to it” will help me to make sure that I give it all that I have to offer.

  8. Liza R. Rocha says:

    I have chosen this same article as my final blog response of the course. As I have stated in a previous response, I could easily have completed multiple responses for each blog. As I found each one to be crammed with so much good information that I found it difficult to focus on just one point. However, I wanted to say that your statement “Just because we don’t know how to do it doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen” really resonated with me. I feel it will help me to stay focused on the fact that I don’t walk into my classes already knowing the material. I am here to learn and to grow. Because I am learning I must accept that I will make mistakes and that it’s okay to do so. That is what it means to pursue my education. In doing so I am accepting an awesome challenge that not everyone accepts. I must give myself credit for my willingness to do so. Your statement made me think of a Bible verse I often quote in 2 Corinthians 5:7 “For we walk by faith not by sight.” When I walk by faith, I don’t need to worry about knowing (seeing) how to do it. I just walk in faith knowing I will make it happen.

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