Do You Have a Dream in Your Yowling Creator Spirit?

Do You Have a Dream in Your Yowling Creator Spirit?

Many of us keep our yowling creator dreams a secret, because we’re afraid they’ll never happen. In our spirit, we can fear failure. When we finally do risk to take concrete steps to birth our passion, the dream goes public. Given the spiritual and emotional dynamic of the creation process, this can complicate how we perceive our own progress. However, you can take advantage of this new stage of development. Embrace your freedom to connect with others who can help you stay motivated and engaged in your creator’s way, no matter how crooked the winding way of progress may be.

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What Yowling Creator Dreams Do You Have in Your Spirit? We’re Interested…

11 Responses to “Do You Have a Dream in Your Yowling Creator Spirit?”

  1. Erin Belluomini says:

    This is so true. Lately I’ve been struggling with my writing, but when I just let go and let God help me write. I don’t have to worry about having writers block anymore. It just flows. Writing is such a powerful way to connect with yourself and with others and I feel that when we control our desires to express ourselves we loose joy, but when we let go of control and write then we can weave something beautiful to share with the world.

  2. Megan O'Shea says:

    This is very true. Fear of failing is what keeps me from even trying sometimes but in the end I still fail because I don’t even try. And when you make your ideas reality they do not always turn out how you pictured them, you can feel defeated. On the other hand it can turn out better than you ever imagined. It’s all about taking the risk.

  3. Bethany F says:

    Unfortunately, the fear of failure is a major player in my procrastination. My subconscious’ reasoning comes to the conclusion that I have no chance of succeeding, so why bother giving the effort? I guess I need to realize that failure leads to success. You can learn a lot from trying and failing, and learn nothing from trying and succeeding.

  4. Sergio Montes says:

    This is evident when I’m writing, especially in this long research paper. In my individual SOOC, we try to help each other as much we can grammatically and so forth with the paper, but a lot of the times, it’s motivation that we try to instill in one another. Many times, my personal fatigue gets the better of me and I feel it reflecting when I write. I think one of the biggest factors that helped my development as a writer was the overcoming of the fear I had when I wrote papers. This blog hits it right on the mark when it comes to the perseverance needed when writing a paper.

  5. Alex Meyers says:

    Now that I think about it I’ve probably failed more than I’ve succeed. Which can be looked down upon in away but then again it seems true for everyone. The feeling of succeeding is way more enjoyable than failing though. That’s why I tend to try and give 100% into everything I do because if I do fail after trying as hard as I can at least I know I gave my all. Go for it!

  6. Suelen E Santos says:

    I really believe everyone has a dream inside his spirit. God created us with
    motivation, creativity, and freedom. But what happens is, during our journey
    through life we often get discouraged by bad comments people make, unfortunate
    experiences, and so on. We get our mind being filled up, little by little, with
    this picture: “I am not good enough, people will laugh at me if I tell them that”. I
    wonder what our world would be if Alexander Graham Bell had his mind full of
    these pessimistic thoughts, when people at first, criticized him for his invention –
    the telephone. The fear of failure or getting bad comments made me put on hold
    so many of my dreams. Sadly, some of them I do not even remember anymore.
    The Yowling Creator Way is helping me to enjoy my ideas, my dreams and be
    courageous to share them with others.

  7. Elena Medina says:

    When we started in the process of creation it is significant for us to visualize it like a dream. I agree with the article that says that usually we feel afraid about what we dream and it is probably due to the difficulties that we can face during the process of our dreams. Sometimes we feel afraid that they never happen but if we never take the risk to develop our ideas we never know if we can realize them.

  8. German Tapia says:

    At the beginning of the semester the instructor asked the class to write what are some of the things that we want to improve throughout the course. I recalled two things that I wrote. First, I wrote that I wanted to improve my skills in writing so others will have no problem understanding what I want to say. Second, I wrote that I wanted to expand my vocabulary. The semester is about to end and I can certainly say that I can see small improvement. It seems that this small improvement is not worth it. However, there is a saying that little by little the glass will be full.

  9. Miguel Gutierrez says:

    These are my dreams as a “Yowling Creator.”
    1) To extent my vocabulary during my journey.
    2) To become a better writer in order to express my thoughts to others.
    3) The will to continue on the journey of creating.
    4) Looking forward to the reward at the end of the journey.
    5) Finally, to obtain the freedom after my creations are completed.
    After all, I think we all have a little imagination/dreams within ourselves. Walt Disney dreamed about creating Disneyland by believing. Can we also be a dreamers???

  10. Yesica Caciano says:

    Truly, following your dreams makes you interesting. Who doesn’t love to challenge? Accomplishing your dreams will spark even bigger dreams. But with every dream there are challenges and fears. Personally I have struggle in writing but like Erin Belluominie “when I just let go and let God help” everything turns out. The hardest thing for me has been finding a comfortable place to gather my thoughts to start writing. With the readings the blog I have found lots of useful tips that have help me find the groove to start.I can say this by far has been a challenging face but have learned to figure it out by using the self-care notes that we did in the begging of the class. That makes me relax and try to focus again on my writing

  11. Celia Brewer says:

    One of the dreams that I hold is that I want to be a clinical psychologist I want to be able to help people in need of help. Be able to hold that honor of a title as Dr. to that I worked so hard and so much to be able to carry something so difficult in my life. Studying and school are very hard and difficult for me but its a goal that I have placed in my mind, and in my heart for so long. Im very close to reaching my goal, how long I have dreamed of it and wished that I be able to finish and now I am near to succeeding my dream. Never thought that I would be able to do it by myself, but with the help of my friends that support of my family I think that I will be able to reach my goal! Through the Grace of God.

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