Feeling Overwhelmed? Read these Yowling Creator Tips

Feeling Overwhelmed? Read these Yowling Creator Tips

Sometimes when our yowling burbles up inside us, we feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to tackle first. We worry, obsess, and even spend valuable time and energy agonizing about what we haven’t done instead of making progress on what we can do. Even finishing one item on our “to do” list would be a victory. But when we feel overwhelmed, we tend to slide our gaze over the small yet significant steps and focus on the finish line. We forget that we only arrive to our end goal by taking small, significant steps. How can you overcome being overwhelmed? Read on…

Embrace Yowling Creator Joy & Gratitude

Often we wait until we finish in order to appreciate what we have done. For those of us engaging a creator’s way lasting weeks, months, or even years, that can be a long time. In the ancient Genesis creation story, while weaving the universe, God paused seven times to appreciate his creation process. Each time, God stops to see what he has done as “good.”

From a human perspective, we sometimes assume that an incomplete project is necessarily imperfect because it is not finished. Yet God in all his perfection is still able to enjoy his “unfinished” product. He even seems tickled by it. It’s as if he puffs out his chest and says, “Damn, that’s good! I’m good. It’s all good.” Essentially, he gives himself a heavenly pat on the back. If God, who is perfect and brings good out of any situation, can sit back and enjoy his creation when it’s only half-cooked and still in process…so can we.

Take Tiny Yowling Creator Steps of Courage

Sometimes we believe we only make progress if we have large chunks of time and accomplish all we set out to do. But this is not the case. Doing something is better than nothing, even when “something” is not “everything.” We can always pick up where we left off tomorrow or at a later time. In this way, we can still experience satisfaction in doing the small things as we take tiny yet progressive steps toward our finish line. This requires courage.

“Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts.”                        —Winston Churchill

Sometimes overcoming the small hurdles is what fills us with courage to continue and conquer what seems insurmountable. It grants us the ability to break down bigger walls into more manageable ones. It helps us form paths that lead us through our problems.

Overwhelmed yet Overcoming: Embrace Freedom through Yowling Creator Connections

Sometimes we need a fellow soldier to help us win a battle. At other times, we need a faithful friend to simply hear us kvetch. The key is allowing someone else to join the journey, if only to share our burden for a moment. This may take the form of delegation and finding someone to take over certain details. It may mean finding someone with greater expertise, so consider outsourcing tasks that tie you up in knots. Finally, the most important connection is with people who can help you overcome any mindsets that keep you from moving forward. Click here to learn ways you can embrace your freedom to connect with others and overcome the ogre of being overwhelmed.

Are You Yowling and Feeling Overwhelmed in Your Creator’s Way? Comment and Let’s Connect.

28 Responses to “Feeling Overwhelmed? Read these Yowling Creator Tips”

  1. German Tapia says:

    As humans, we tend to stress the little things in life, and do not see life for what it truly is. We forget or ignore the beauty, the joy, and the passion living. The moment life begins to travel down a bumpy road, we tent to fear and seek a different route rather than sticking through the bumps and reaching our destination. A quote by Helen Keller, which states, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved”, can serve as a reminder that traveling through these bumps in the road is what makes us who we are. Instead of running from them we should face them, and look back to acknowledge our accomplishments in order to help us gain further motivation to continue with our journey.

  2. Megan O'Shea says:

    As the sememster is coming to an end I am definitely feeling the stress and pressure. I am worrying about the three papers I need to write and not knowing where to start with any of them. I keep focusing on being finished with all of them instead of taking it step by step and working on one at a time.

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Yes, this is very common at the end of a semester. As a writer, performer, and instructor, I have found myself in this bind as well. Instead of focusing on the cumulative end goal, which seems overwhelming, I take a post-it note and simple write 4 things I can accomplish today. I break up my larger tasks into bite-size chunks and focus on finishing just those stages on my tiny “to do” list. This helps me to face and finish the most pressing items with each larger task and alleviate the pressure. Then, I pat myself on the back for all the tiny jobs well done…well, at least done. 🙂 The next day, or perhaps later in the evening, I still may have a lot to do but am not in the same stuck place .

  3. Jessikah says:

    After reading this blog I felt refreshed. I am the type of person who is very focused and determined to finish a weighty task in a small amount of time. I somehow enjoy the pressure but have found that, that craving for a challenge often brings me to the point of hating the creation process and getting it done just for the sake of getting it done. I’d like to change that and break apart the amount of daily work I put into a big project in hopes of looking at the creation process as enjoyable instead of dreadful.Hopefully, when I accomplish this I will overcome the overwhelming feeling I get in my creation process and learn to appreciate and love the work I am putting forth.

  4. Madalyn Cortese says:

    After reading this, I feel a sense of calm. With the semester ending in a week, I feel stressed thinking and worrying about all the papers and assignments I need to complete. Instead of taking it step by step and admiring what I have accomplished in the process, I have been so focused on just having the assignments finished so I can move on to the next. I realize now that it is important to take a step back every once in a while and admire what I have completed so far, even if it isn’t finished. As a college student in my final weeks, it is common to have the mind set of just getting things done with out looking back! After reading this I realize that it is ok and even helpful to stop for a second and pat myself on the back for what I have done so far.

  5. Ethan Korb says:

    This article is good because, like God, we need to take a step back from our word every once in awhile, and say, “Thats good.” But I do not ever do that which is not a good thing. I always wait until the very end until I say that it is good. With the last week of school being over, I need to look at all that I have written and really like what I have typed out. So after I finished reading this article, I realized that it is totally okay to take a break and admire what I have written so far.

  6. Bethany F says:

    I really can relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed during this time (finals season). There are so many subjects to study for and I can’t decide which one to focus on. When I sit down to study for one subject, I find myself thinking about all that I have to study for in my other subjects. How can I keep myself focused on the task at hand and still give each subject the attention it needs?

  7. Raul Fajardo says:

    Now that the semester is wrapping up i’m beginning to grow overwhelmed with all the papers I have to write. Although the task is tough, I realized that I should learn to appreciate and love my work even when it is not finished. Giving myself a pat in the back is an effective way to boost up my spirit.

  8. Shoko Hattori says:

    I definitely understand this overwhelming feeling. Now, finals week is almost over and people are going home. Everyone looks so happy while I still have one final to go and one big assignment for my psychology class due soon. I have never thought college could be this overwhelming and stressful. My friend told me once for me to calm down and work on the small list of things that I have to accomplish rather than panicking when seeing a long list of things due. His words was such an encouragement and it helped me calm down. The finals stress would probably not end for me until this Friday, but I will enjoy! After everything gets done, Christmas is waiting for me. I can’t wait!

  9. Ysmara Sainz says:

    I also know this feeling. This whole semester I was worried because I had so many problems with my schedule and I changed my major so I was jumping from one subject to another. Then finals week came so fast I was like “Oh my god, I failed my first semester of college”. But I always over exaggerate and tend to make things a bigger deal. I just recently lost two friends. One to leukemia and the other had a stroke. And I think back to them and realize I should not be stressing over little things like these and living in so much anger because I have problems from stress. I have so much going for me that I know God wants me to be happy even through my struggles because he gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers. I am just be thankful to be alive and awake to another beautiful day.

  10. Suelen E Santos says:

    I haven’t ever had a time in my life when I felt so overwhelmed. Finishing my
    school semester and having so many assignments to accomplish it is just one of
    my challenges. Changes in my job, moving to another house, and being just about
    one month to deliver my first baby are a few additional reasons why I am feeling
    breathless. Those tips opened my eyes to the consistent progress I now believe I am
    making in each one of those areas. Seeing what I have achieved so far, even though some of it is still in process, is something to celebrate. Learning to enjoy the “unfinished” is
    fuel to keep me going. Sharing with my husband those “small victories” I have had
    up to this point is also very helpful, in the sense that I get his feedbacks and also his
    encouragement to keep moving forward.

  11. Vanessa Walters says:

    During college, the time when midterms roll around tends to be hectic and overwhelming. With papers due left and right in such a short period of time, it’s hard to take a moment to sit back and say “This is good” to an essay. In order to keep the stress level down to a minimum, it is very important to take some time to do as God did and be proud in our own work. As I finished my third essay of this week I felt like Atlas in Greek mythology; the world was weighing heavy on my shoulders. The week had been short, with far too much work and very little play. As I began to feel overwhelmed, with panic sweeping over me, I realized that I hadn’t taken the time during the week to tell myself “good job” or give myself a pat on the back. As soon as I did so, I felt immensely better. While self praise seems conceited, in small quantities it is reviving to the soul.

  12. Christinah Uppal says:

    Being in school presents all kinds of pressures. I have become more overwhelmed as the semester goes on. Reading this article was a nice break in my work. It is encouraging to know that God took a break to recognize his completed work. I realized in order to continue working through my daily tasks I need to take a step back and look at what I have already completed. I need to set time aside for myself and celebrate the little steps I have accomplished. Doing this will help encourage me to continue my work and not allowing myself to become overwhelmed.

  13. Sydney Bibal says:

    After reading this entry, I suddenly felt a sense of relief. Although I have a lot of things on my plate right now, I now know the importance of giving myself a break in between working and juggling all my other assignments. However, I’m afraid to start giving myself breaks because i may not find the power to start working again when my break time is over. But because my brain can only do so much for so long, it really is important to take a breather here and there throughout my time getting things done.

  14. Fernanda Gutierrez says:

    Feeling overwhelmed has become something that is second nature to me. Especially right now when we are reaching the end of the semester. With all the papers’ deadlines so close together I am starting to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. This also causes me not to have time to sit back and say, ” Wow this is good!” However, I think this is common all over the world because many people are always in a hurry. I need to learn to admire the little accomplishments I make soi can feel less overwhelmed. By doing this I will also feel better about myself and all the projects I create.

  15. Brittni Bigelow says:

    As I start to close this fall semester of college, I am beginning to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Projects, papers, and speeches are all due within two days of each other and I just don’t know which one to focus on first. I look at what I have accomplished thus far and wonder if my final results will be enough for a passing grade. I worry day and night that my efforts will fall short. Thinking of God and His creation process makes me feel a little better. The Lord enjoyed creating and watching His creation expand. That in itself gives me hope. I will strive to create in an image of God. I will start focusing on the positive of my creation process rather than the negative.

  16. Jonathan Schlitt says:

    I can definitely relate to the feeling of becoming overwhelmed when I have a lot of work to do. Sometimes I feel like I should just give up instead conquering one task at a time. It really does help when you encourage yourself even if you only get a little bit of work done. It is much easier to get all of your work done if you are encouraged. Besides, nothing is ever perfect right? Your work can only be as good as what you make it to be. Using these tips to not get overwhelmed can help you achieve your greatest quality of work.

  17. Patricia Rivera says:

    Since starting college, I’ve been very overwhelmed on what’s been on my plate. It’s been very hard trying to manage my time. I’ve been doing some techniques to try to lessen the overwhelming feeling of college, some have worked and some haven’t. But, what has really helped me is spacing out my work throughout a period of time. I’ve been very notorious of procrastinating my work, but spacing it out has helped my quality of work and my productivity. THis blog has helped remind me of ways to help me during these last weeks of the semester.

  18. Tiffany F says:

    Feeling overwhelmed is something that happens to me all the time. Now that I have experienced college and am closing in on the first semester, I would think I could handle the pressure of my classes by now. Procrastination is my biggest struggle. Knowing I have a test the next day but also have an assignment due the same day and realizing I have no time for anything can be pretty overwhelming. These tips help me to encourage myself because it’s always best to just keep going and possibly be surprised of the outcome.

  19. Hailee Andrews says:

    Feeling overwhelmed is nothing new to me. Most of the time I just accept it as “normal”, but I have learned that holding it all in will fix nothing. This blog just reaffirms my belief that sharing your struggles with someone is more helpful than you really think. I agree and will take in all the advice that is given.

  20. Alexa Hobelman says:

    I have experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed this semester. Many times I don’t think I am progressing on a project or assignment, if I am not finished with it. I like how this article adressess the value of progress. It is important to look at how much you have achieved in writing in a paper, rather than purely focusing on finishing it.

  21. Elena Medina says:

    It is amazing to travel through the process of creation. Sometimes we face frustration specially when we are almost to finish our creation. We feel excitement when we started to developed our idea. But by the time we get tired and we feel overwhelming we need to take time to rest between the steps. It is important to evaluate every step and stop to enjoy it. If we take time to be graceful every day for what we do we can be successful. When we complete our creation we will be able to realize all the effort put into the job.

  22. Lupita says:

    I always get overwhelmed in every step of my writing and I have this sensation all the time even when I am working in job or anywhere. The only time I get happy is when I finish the whole project.
    I was impacted about the explanation when God steps to see what he has done as good. This tip was amazing! It help me in order to appreciate every step of my writing, but I can apply it to any part of my life.

  23. Maria Elena Lopez says:

    Creative Writing 201
    As a yowling creator, I personally at times do feel a little overwhelmed sometimes when I am writing and creating. But as you state in your beautiful article that sometimes it is good to step back, and maybe continue on tomorrow, take each step at a time, take a breather and just enjoy creating!

  24. Celia Brewer says:

    Now and then I do get overwhelmed as a yowling creator, with work, School and family. It feels that I have so much stress and so much to do, the way that I like to cool off and to rest would be by spending it with my family. I can only do so much in one day, especially when it comes to studying and writing, but knowing that there is others that are struggling makes me feel that I am not alone. That I have people out there to help me along the way.

  25. Liza R. Rocha says:

    It must be said that this article was packed with many great nuggets and can be broken down into dozens of responses. And, I think I will. First, you said “finishing one item on our to do list would be a victory”. Which I related to, as recently I have begun to incorporate this into my life. As, I just loved an interview I heard with US Navy Admiral, William H. Mc Craven. He quoted from his book “Make your bed: little things that can change your life… And Maybe the World” saying “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day.” “It will give you a sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task and another… And by the end of the day… will have turned into many…” “…And if by chance you have a miserable day, you will come home to a bed that is made…tomorrow will be better.”

  26. I get a little afraid when it comes to writing. I usually keep those feelings and emotions to myself. One night a classmate call me and told me that she was having a hard time writing her paper. She told me I feel much better after we share some thoughts and ideas.
    I learned that talking to someone can help me to be more creative and release some of the stress.

  27. karen soto says:

    I love this article because is just I´m finishing my creation process and i hope when I accomplish this I will overcome the overwhelming feeling I get in my creation process and learn to appreciate and love the work I am putting forth. I want to thank you dear Professor Lisa Marie Sandoval for all your support in this wonderful process.

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