Happy 4th of July from Yowling Creator

Happy 4th of July from Yowling Creator

You may not naturally take me for a patriot. But I’m grateful for the many freedoms I enjoy in the US–especially the freedom to express my yowling and create. In many countries, there are yowling creators who are persecuted for publishing what they think. Some paint murals in secret. Others pen poetry by candlelight in prison. Whatever weary troubles your country may have (and believe me, mine has many)…if you can create and express your yowling with freedom, you enjoy a rare gift.

Celebrate Your Yowling Creative Freedom

I invite you to celebrate with me your freedom to create right now…today. Celebrating your freedom can take many forms. It may mean writing something new or painting what you haven’t given yourself the time to paint. It may mean collaborating with others. Or it could be putting your gift to use for someone else.

If you’d like to put your creativity into action to help a fellow yowling creator, Amnesty International offers many opportunities. My friend, who is a yowling creative writer/performer, did this. Check out her story.

Do you celebrate your yowling creator’s freedom or help others with your gifts?

14 Responses to “Happy 4th of July from Yowling Creator”

  1. Daniel Vazquez says:

    Freedom is such a great privelage. The men and women that serve our country are the greatest people on this planet. They allow me to do what I want when I want. That is if it is legal. On my free time to choose to hunt and fish. Fishing is a great way to kill time, but I prefer to hunt. I hunt big game animals with my Bow. I also hunt waterfowl with my shotgun. I cant explain the thrill and rush that goes through me after a successful hunt. So people say that putting out 1000 decoys is too much work. I believe that it is well worth it. One of the hardest thing to deal with is how peoples perspectives of hunters are always negative. They do not understand that by hunting these gorgeous creatures, we are also helping them. We are only allowd to hunt because these animals are over populated. There is only a certain amount of food in certain areas. If we do not help with the process of weeding them out, they would die on their own. But they also get sick and carry diseases and that will spread very rapidly, which will end in extinction. Now do we really want that? Yes, I love to hunt for the kill, but thats not the only reason. I love the meat and the taste of evrything I kill, I dont waist anything. Overall hunters are great people who are just helping our animals stay health and not extinct. Freedom allows me to do this, so all I can say is, “GOD BLESS AMERICA!!”

  2. Christian Caraveo says:

    This post, sadly, makes me feel as if i am not a yowling creator. as you have invited me to create i find that i dont really have the urge to write other than the fact that i must. i love to contribute socially by talking and by physically participating in events. Would i still be a creator? Maybe i still am because i am able to develop and create my own thoughts and express them both physically and with words.

  3. Miguel Gutierrez says:

    I want to celebrate the freedom as a “Yowling Creator Writer” and to be able to express my thoughts in writing. I thank the USA for giving us that freedom of expression. Please take advantage of the opportunity to express yourself in writing, and to show others how you really feel about a topic. God Bless America and all the Yowling Creator out there!! Express yourself 🙂

  4. Sandra funes says:

    I thank God for the privilage of living in this country. I came many years ago with my family, running away from a country sumerged in a civil war. Here we found the peace we were looking for and the opportunities to better our lives, for me to say thank you is not enough.God Bless America and every single men an women serving this great country.

  5. Lupita Loeza says:

    Since long time ago I had been telling my family the blessing we have to live in USA. Today it’s not 4th of July, but I celebrate to be part of this beautiful country. Also I want to celebrate the privilige, I have to be part of Yowling Creator. Thank you so much Yowling Creator your program it’s been a such a blessing.

  6. Juan Recinos says:

    I thanks the Lord for giving me a great opportunity
    to bring me to this wonderful country,and having the blessing chance in my life to learn about yowling creator writer,as a missionary I am so grateful to share this experience with those who live under big restrictions,
    may God bless this country always

  7. Maria Elena Lopez says:

    Writing 109
    Truly it is a blessing like any other to be able to live in this country with peace and freedom, I am personally very grateful for the rights that I have here and being able to share this blessing not only with my family but with my friends.

  8. Celia Brewer says:

    Today, I give thanks to God for the opportunity and blessing of living in a free country. Furthermore, I’m grateful for knowing a kind, intelligent person whose guidance and knowledge has taught me about how to further explore the yowling creator who lives within each and everyone of us. Interestingly, I am able to assist and collaborate with others in order to fulfill a common goals and interest which centers around raising awareness for other people to both meet and develop a relationship with this internal creator. The purpose of this involves increasing others opportunities of attaining personal expressive freedom that arises or is more likely when one is able to express his or herself honestly, peacefully and in a state of tranquility.

  9. carmen Gutierrez says:

    We hold in our hands the most precious gift of all. Freedom! We should always allow freedom of expression everywhere we go; in our home, work, and even school. It is a great idea to express the freedom we have in this country because it allows us to view many opinions of others and express them as well, as much as possible. MY Yowling Creative Freedom helped me express my thoughts and become more confident.

  10. I love the approach you had about freedom. I can use my talents and gifts to help others. The United States is a place of oportunities. I am greatful to be here in Americam

  11. Luis Renteria says:

    I thank the United States for giving us this freedom of expression. God bless America and all the Yowling Creator! Express your thoughts and write your memories. For the world needs to know that there is a yowling creator and that he can scream, paint, cry, and express himself of everything he feels.
    I encourage and continue creating with Yowling.

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  13. I agree with my professor. In other countries, people can’t express themselves but here in the United States we have freedom. I can say this is my country too. My kids were born here. I was able to pursue my dreams. This is the land of opportunities.

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