Have a Vision or Dream? You’re a Yowling Creator

Have a Vision or Dream? You’re a Yowling Creator

As yowling creators, we all have visions and dreams for the future. So often we keep them secret, because we’re embarrassed. Sometimes we’re silent for other reasons. Perhaps we’ve shared a secret hope, and others laughed or told us it was impossible. I want you to know the Yowling Creator community is a safe place to share your vision or dream.


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Yowling Creator Is a Safe Place

No heartfelt hope or positive goal for the future is too silly–no matter how far away it may seem. Even the “silliest” and most impractical ideas can transform into something wonderfully useful. For example, take the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell spent years working on its core components. When he first brought it to the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition in 1875, judges thought it was a “silly instrument.” Later people changed their minds, and now everyone has a phone. Few would dream of trying to live without it.

What we end up with may not look like what we first birthed in our brain. Did you know that Viagra originally  was invented to be a treatment for hypertension and heart disease? Play-Doh, the colored clay so many of us squashed between our palms as children, was originally wallpaper cleaner. And Coca Cola was conceived by a Confederate soldier to help morphine addicts relieve withdrawal headaches. Mental Floss is filled with such yowling creations.

Connect with Other Yowling Creators

If we don’t give ourselves the space to dream, we can end up feeling unfulfilled and useless. For this reason alone, it’s important to create. One thing I’ve learned is that staying connected helps me to survive, even thrive, through all the emotional ups and downs that come with creating. One minute we see the end just in sight. Another minute we throw up our hands in despair and think our dream will never happen. Staying connected keeps me sane. It can help you, too.

My vision/dream for this year is to write something for the screen. Not to see my name in lights. I simply have a story to tell. There. I went first. Now…

What’s Your Vision or Dream for 2013?

38 Responses to “Have a Vision or Dream? You’re a Yowling Creator”

  1. Elena Medina says:

    Dreams are part of everyday life.Sometimes we feel fears to share them. Life without dreams makes no sense. Our dreams are the hope for a better future. It is important to pursue our dreams or visions instead of ignore them, we must believe that they can be reached.

  2. Miguel Gutierrez says:

    My dream/vision for 2013 is to have abundant life. Human life is full of visions and dreams. In order to achieve them you must fulfill them. When a person dreams or has a vision, they should do their best to accomplish those goals. The best part of a dream/vision is to be yourself and live that special moment. Finally, I would like to express the way of having abundant life by sharing with others the marvelous way of living the moment of life.

  3. German Tapia says:

    My vision and dream for 2013 is to have a positive attitude. The future might not always be bright but facing it with an enthusiastic attitude might help me pull it off. An optimistic attitude always plays an important role in achieving my vision and dreams. Therefore, I will have a positive attitude with everything that I may face in life to accomplish my dreams. Some dreams I may accomplish others I may not, but I will always pursue them with a positive attitude.

  4. Jonatan Altamirano says:

    We have Heard that you only live life once, and its true. If we only have one life, how come we don’t try to fight for the dreams we have dreamed. Its worth trying and doing everything possible to reach your dreams. At the end, dreams are the posibility to reach the unreachable.

  5. Jonathan Villacis says:

    My dream vision is to engage my experimental learning that will lead in towards my success environment. This will provide my organization with a fun(High Energy)behavior attitude and communicate my work productivity. The best part to motivate myself is to customize my sessions that will spark my creativity and hopefully jump my way to success.

  6. Suelen E Santos says:

    Once I am very close to deliver my first child, all my dreams and vision for 2013 are
    related with giving my best to my son and family. Being wise, patient, protective,
    kind with him. Giving my very best to teach him the right way. Being a mother
    according to the heart of God. Spending quality time with him, and making sure he is
    surrounded by a good environment where he can feel safe. Finally, helping my
    family to be physically, psychologically and emotionally healthy.

  7. Andrew Martin says:

    What really jumped out at me was the concept that there are no silly ideas. Constantly I have found myself rejecting ideas I’ve had in the past because I thought that they were silly or childish. For whatever reason, I’d never considered developing these ideas, and allowing them to mature. This is very reassuring and inspiring, and from now on, I will definitely work on my ideas to progress them.

  8. Daniel Vazquez says:

    Dreams are what make the world go round. There wouldn’t be any jobs or really anything if somebody didn’t dream about it. My childhood dream was to become a major league baseball player. I worked really hard to get to where I am at today. Everyday that goes by, puts me at one step closer to that dream. There is no such thing as a silly dream. If you put your heart and soul into whatever you want to do in life and the sky’s the limit.

  9. Brittni Bigelow says:

    Dreaming keeps people sane in a world that is full of distractions. Dreaming helps one to escape current reality and imagine themselves somewhere else; perhaps in a better, more peaceful place. My dream is to become a dentist. Since I was a child, I have been infatuated with dentition. Dreaming about my future in dentistry helps to motivate me to stay focused on my passion. Dreams encourage people to work for an ultimate goal.

  10. Travel says:

    I like the precious details an individual look after your articles. Let me book mark your blog and check out once more right here on a regular basis. I am somewhat guaranteed I’m going to be educated loads of new information below! Best of luck for the following!

  11. Anne Landrum says:

    God has blessed man immensely with the ability to have dreams. Ego can get in the way of making these dreams a reality. So can letting other people’s opinions. I think that the most important thing is to get past these ideas and let ourselves be “silly”. In this, there may be great achievement.

  12. Julie Ovenell says:

    I really liked the sentence that says “most impractical ideas can transform into something wonderfully useful”. It’s so easy to think that if the dream isn’t fulfilled like we envisioned it, then we failed but this isn’t necessarily the case. Often times there is still success, it’s just not what we had in plan but that doesn’t mean it was a waste. My long-term dream is to go teach children in South Africa and be apart of their lives. Sometimes it seems hard and far-fetched but then I realize that it isn’t as difficult as I might think. It is also a practical dream and one I can accomplish with God’s help and guidance.

  13. Chrissie C. says:

    How interesting it is to hear that Coca-cola, one of my favorite drinks was used to help morphine addicts! Or that one of my favorite childhood toys that I love to play with when babysitting was window cleaner. As the new year is coming along, I have BIG visions I would love to achieve in the future, and maybe even some that I will be able to conquer the next year. One of my very silly dreams is to be on Dancing With the Stars – as a dancer, or the celebrity learning to dance. Either way, I just want to learn how to dance ballroom on the show! Who knows what the future will bring me but it was great to hear that hey, it may happen one day.

  14. Hailee Andrews says:

    I enjoyed reading this and realizing that I’m not the only one who is told that my ideas or dreams for the future are “silly”. It becomes hard to open up and feel comfortable to express my ideas or thoughts when it always seems like I am being shut down. I agree that staying connected is good, but it is also helpful for me to always have that one person that I am able to feel comfortable to bounce ideas off of. You should always be confident in your own ideas but it is always nice to have someone close to share an opinion/idea or just to listen to your dreams.

  15. Maritza Sesma says:

    My dream for 2013 is to work hard and to be as successful as I can be. Also hopefully not stress out from working hard. I did not know that coca-cola was used by confederate soldiers to relieve headaches, that is a very interesting fact to know about. Maybe that can help with the headache of studying for finals.

  16. Patricia Rivera says:

    Since 2013 is practically over, my vision was to become a healthier, smarter being. My goal was to lose weight and to enlighten my mind. I believe that I have fulfilled my goals very successfully. Since coming to APU, I’ve gained a great amount of knowledge that I will carry though the rest of my life, even just by being here for one semester! It’s amazing what a person can accomplish in just one year. I now feel healthier and smarter because of the goals that I have set for myself.

  17. James Rex Atwell says:

    When I have dreams I always share them with friends that I am very close to in a joking sort of way. I then disregard them as being silly and outside the realms of reason. But I continue to revisit and entertain. But sometimes I find someone that I can share these dreams with and it actually helps to make them seem more tangible if they are discussed in a real world conversation.

  18. Austin Santiago says:

    My vision for 2013 is simple, connect. I would like nothing more than to connect with others around me and to not push the ones I love away. At times I do have an introverted personality, which makes me as a person hard to deal with. My prayer is so be more open to others and to become more Christ like in doing so.

  19. Natalie Reagan says:

    My dream is to be successful and have a good rest of the year. I want to have fun and mer new people. It is nice to have all the friends I have at APU. I want to continue living a healthy life and grow closer to people. I like getting to know people better and learning about their history. I feel like I have learned at lot this year and I hope to find myself better through out my journey.

  20. Martin Gallegos says:

    I am the type of person that sets goals to achieve my dreams. The goals are footsteps that lead me to my greats dreams. No dream is to silly, and no dream is to big. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

  21. Eric Garcia says:

    My dream has never really changed at all,but I feel kind of bad about this one dream because I feel that I shouldn’t make this my one dream to happiness. My dream is to make alot of money and be happy doing it. I feel bad about this dream because there are so many other dreams to pursue and because everyone tells me that money is the root of all evil. I am conflicted about my dream.

    • German Tapia says:

      As the new year begins, I set new goals for myself. I believe goals can lead to a good path that can be for the better future. Goals are like a thermometer that indicates our growth in life. Therefore, I set my mind on small goals that can be achieved in order to create an ambient of self-esteem for my own good.

  22. German Tapia says:

    Two weeks ago, as I was flipping through the t.v. channels I heard a preacher saying “the deepest of your knowledge depends on the intensity of your desire.” It was something that really put my mind to go hundreds of miles per second. Sometimes we want to achieve something by just opening our hands but the reality is that everything in this life has a price. This could be knowledge, your academic achievements, marriage,good relationships with your children or just taking care of your personal life.Success comes only by the intensity that you put into those things that you love to come true in your life.

  23. Elena Medina says:

    To have a Dream or vision is an important part of our life. I can’t conceive life without dreams.Because they are the motor that keep people moving forward. At the end of each year most people make wishes or desires for the new year to come. The pursuit of our dreams is to be have perseverance in all we do. The great discoveries that people made throughout the history started with a thought or idea. Through our dreams we let that our imagination fly wherever we can. Also they do not have limits. They can reach everything and everywhere the key is to keep focuses and to be persistent in to get the goals of life.

  24. Sandra Funes says:

    As a child, my dream was to go as far as possible with my education. Now my dream still the same, but now not just to fulfill my need of knowledge, but to inspire the younger generations. I want them know that any thing is possible if you are willing to work hard to go to get it

  25. German Tapia says:

    Finally the end of the semester is here, and the end of the year as well. However, the New Year is at the door and new challenges as well. New things will be in this long journey. A journey that one will see it’s end with the pleasure of greatness.

  26. Carmen Gutierrez says:

    God is the first creator, His wonderful creation gave us the ability to visualize dreaming and creating. I like this yowling is real and interesting to apply it in life.

  27. CELIA BREWER says:

    With vision we can see our dreams come to reality. It’s beautiful to see dreams, but it’s even better to see our dreams come to life. The obstacles accomplished in my lifetime have started with my dreams.

  28. When,I was a child I had many dreams,
    and goals. The inexperience with the world made me wanted to do everything at the same time; and I did not complete all my dreams. Even though,I wanted all my dreams to become real. Now, l will focus my attention on one vision at a time. So, l can acommplish the goals with dedication and maturity. Today my vision is to serve others.

  29. Lupita says:

    Thanks God for this blog! I had have a dream since a long time ago. After reading this article, my dream is coming again.
    My dream is to start a house of prayer in my city, and I know is not easy, but I have a vision and a dream. The most important I have a faith in God.

  30. Melvin J Banegas says:

    Everybody has dreams, some of us have big dreams and some small ones, but everyone has at least one little dream that want to catch, dreams are like catching mermaids! I admit this part of very popular poem in my country, nevertheless is very real. We need to dare to go after our dreams and pursue them until we catch them and then never let go. the Yowling creator is an excellent tool to catch your dreams, just dare to go into the realm where that dream is and grab it. My dream is to be able to touch people’s heart with my writing, I know that I have a lot to learn but I am pursuing that.

  31. Liza R. Rocha says:

    It is very interesting that this is the first topic to catch my attention. Seeing as I have never really considered myself a dreamer or a visionary. Much less a “Yowling Creator”. However, I will take a stab at it. In answer to the question. “Have a vision or a dream?” I would say yes. After many years, and thanks to this course. I am going to dare to dream. My first dream is to complete my studies in this program and obtain my Bachelors Degree in Theology.

  32. Grace says:

    The Spirit of the Lord speaks through Dreams and Visions. I have many dreams and visions that will come to pass in due time and season. One of my visions is to open up a center for the homeless, provide them with clothing and shelter. Feed their stomachs and than feed them the word of God. Teaching them the uncompromise Word of God to set them free from bondages. They will be able to work at the center earned a decent wage encourage to go back to school and obtain a degree in an area they’ve desired.

  33. My dream when I was a kid was to become a doctor because I wanted to help the poor people in my country. I was a baby sitter in an orphanage. I took care of eight babies every night and during the day I went to the University I slept for few hours. I didn’t care how tired I was because I had a goal and I was focused in pursuing it. I moved to the United States and It was like a failure for me. I now started to discover my passion once again. It is to serve and help others and after taking my Psychology classes I have awaken my yowling once again. All I can say is I am bless.

  34. I can do it all in God that strengthen me. My dream is to help my family in Ecuador and anybody who might need me. It is beautiful to read about people’s dreams. Yes, pursue your dreams, set your mind to it, fight for them, and you’ll accomplish them. I love how we can express our feelings. Thank you professor Sandoval!

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