How To Be Mindful As A Yowling Creator

How To Be Mindful As A Yowling Creator

Gearing up for the school year can be a yowling challenge. Whether you’re a student, living with a student, or teaching a student, the entire household seems to experience a summer shift. Shifting seasons also affect how we go about birthing our passion. So today I want to offer you a gentle reminder to be good to yourself and to your creation.

Your Yowling Creator Environment

Remember to take time to shift your creation process into autumn mode. While you already may have an idea of how, when, and where you like to create, a quick revisit to Stage 1 of your Yowling Creator’s Way may be in order when the environment around you changes. This will help you to determine how you can continue to move forward most productively during this new season. If you’ve been working outside on the patio starting at 7:30 a.m., you may need to find another comfy spot when the weather grows colder or your family wakes up earlier.

Your Yowling Creator Schedule

When the school year starts, schedules usually change. The time you’ve been dedicating to your brain child may conflict with class hours, study times, or simply driving back and forth if you’re on carpool duty. Remember to take time to revisit your Stage 1 self-assessment and reschedule your creation process into daily life.

Action is the foundational key to success. — Pablo Picasso

As yowling creators, if we don’t take this needed time, we run the risk of letting our passions fall by the wayside. We put them at the end of our “to do” list or on the back burner of our brain. We schedule them last–or worse, not at all. Ultimately, this choice can cause a grumbling in our spirit, a sorrow in our soul, and a nasty attitude. We can become unbearable to live with.

Take a moment and think about it.

When you’re engaged in the creation process and see yourself moving forward with your dream or some other exciting project, do you feel happy? Do you see the world in a brighter light? Is it easier to offer a smile to someone who needs it?

Be Mindful: Satisfy Your Yowling

Shifting our creation process with the seasons of life helps us to stay engaged with our passion. This is how we create space for that which is important to us. It’s how we continually make progress and experience satisfaction amidst the busyness of life. So, be mindful and satisfy your yowling before it starts howling.

As a Yowling Creator, How Do You Stay Mindful?


21 Responses to “How To Be Mindful As A Yowling Creator”

  1. Kaitlyn Bauer says:

    I feel that this article pertains to the season after finals. This whole semester has been non-stop working especially during finals week. It is hard to constantly study in the same place. I know that the best place for me to work is in a quiet room. However, due to the lack of time and not having my own space on college campus, I find myself working wherever there is an outlet for my computer. Most of the time these places are extremely crowd, which makes it difficult to concentrate on my essays. I end up putting headphones on to get rid of sounds around me. However, this can be a problem as well because music makes me think about previous experiences related to the song; making my mind more likely to wander off topic. The end of the semester is here and now I have to transition in to making my body and mind healthier for the next semester craze.

    • Shoko Hattori says:

      This semester, I had a hard time concentrating on the things I had to do. Those things that a college student should be doing in college. This was because I did not choose the best environment for my self to focus. I know that I work on papers better when I am in the library because it makes me feel guilty for procrastinating while so many people are around me are working really hard. It also motivates me to want to work. However when I look back to my first semester, I think I have spent most of my time in my room. More worse, I worked on a desk with a laptop or my bed that obviously made me fall asleep since I was always tired through out the semester. It was so unproductive. The only thing I did well was to memorize things. I work well in a quiet space alone or somewhere outside where I could see the beauty of nature. I did most of my memorizing at my college’s amphitheater. It worked great. Now that I know my weaknesses, I have decided to do what I didn’t this semester next year. I will make the library my second home. Thankfully, my roommate said that she will join me for the study sessions, so I am excited for that.

  2. Alex Cabral says:

    This article really has to do with seasonal changes. I remember coming back to school from summer break, it was one of the most difficult times. It was difficult because I had to get myself back into school mode, and I was in a new environment and i was beginning college. I have a feeling that when I come back from winter break i will experience the same kind of change.

  3. Miguel Gutierrez says:

    The true rest is not something that we do best now days, because our daily activities are too many. In order to find the real relaxation, we must find the right state of mantal tranqulity, or equlibrium. Once is found, we can move to the next step that is the spiritual posture of the inner peace. When you are creating from the inside, you are in a special state of mind that helps you to create from the inside of yourself. Be yourself and find your inner you and become friends with it. Good Luck!!

  4. Jonatan Altamirano says:

    Enjoying a good break is easy. I think that the hard part is when we return to our routine and we have to refocus on our work. As a student, breaks can affect us. During this time we can enjoy ourselves so much that when we return to reality, it can cost us a lot of work. It is important to prepare ourselves before break and have in mind our school objective. That way we can enjoy our breaks before, during and after.

  5. German Tapia says:

    As soon as school ends, I feel relief. The tension that final assignments and final exams bring into my life is stressful. This is probably the feeling of many students. However, there is a saying that says, “After every storm the sun surely will shine again”. After every assignment or exam is done, and after we know that we have passed the class we feel comfort.
    Nevertheless, time away from school during vacation makes me anxious to return. I miss the time that I set away to create, my favorite spot to study, and the attention from my wife, I mean the cup of coffee, the fresh fruit and the snacks. Time at school is well spent because it keeps my mind active and creative.

  6. Sasha Brudlo says:

    Since going off to college, I have definitely had to change up where, when, and how much I write. When there’s a paper due every other day, it’s harder to find the time to write for fun. Usually by the time I finish writing whatever essay or exegetical outline I’m required to do, I’m drained. I’ve used up all my energy, and I just don’t feel like writing anymore. What I do now, is let the good ideas come up whenever they want. If I’m in the middle of homework when I get a stroke of inspiration, I’ll stop what I’m doing for five minutes, or even and hour, and just write. However long it takes for the idea to unfold. Then, I find, it is also easier to focus on the less appealing task I was working on before.

  7. Anne Landrum says:

    Mindfulness helped me while writing a paper about the duality of my own life. I agree that it is beneficial to put the yowling on the “do” list. Though, in many cases, some put that yowling on the back of the “to-do” list. Shifting the creation process can help to keep our creation alive.

  8. Maritza Sesma says:

    This article brings up good point in helping students or student like people to expand their creative passion. I agree with what someone said above about it being hard to to write for fun in college. The suggested ideas above can help with having better writing skills. But I feel as if some of my creativity is being lost with the constant papers because time is lost from having the papers due one after the other.

  9. Marisa Walters says:

    Now that the end of the semester is quickly approaching, I realized that I had a horrible time management through out the semester. I procrastinated on my homework, studying for tests and writing papers. I should have found this blog at the beginning of the semester. I definitely should have created a schedule to keep me on track.

  10. Chrissie C. says:

    As this semester is coming to an end and I am in the midst of dead week, I have definitely had to readjust my yowling creation process. Daily schedules have been changing, with much more work load and studying. When it comes down to creating and writing my essay, I cannot focus as well and tend to get off track. I have found the solution to me instead of taking mini breaks, sitting in a comfortable place rather than my desk, snuggled up in blankets and listening to music in order to get my creative juices flowing.

  11. Jordan Norwood says:

    As a Yowling Creator I think one stays mindful by putting themselves in an environment that is most comfortable to their needs. This environment should be a place that helps one capture new ideas and form brightened, new thoughts. As we are nearing the end of our first semester as freshman here at APU this environment for me is in the Marshburn library on east campus. This environment brings me a sense of peace, and also pushes me to do my work when I see others working on their own as well.

  12. Julie Ovenell says:

    This blog was interesting to me and made me look back over the semester. I realized that i did not find a place to create or even a time. It does not always come naturally, instead we have to consciously make an effort to make time and space for creating. Also it can be noticeable if you do not take the time to create and it builds up inside. I hope to work on this and make time for myself to be able to create.

  13. Martin Gallegos says:

    With my research paper all complete, I can look back at my creative process and reflect on how I got to where I am. I can remember being stuck so many times during the flushing out stage. That is when I took some time to do some other things; listen to music, watch TV, play video. This help me clear my mind and refocus for when I did return to my paper.

  14. elena Medina says:

    How to be mindful as a yowling creator means to keep focuses on your work.Is to be responsible to schedule your time harmonize among your own nature with the nature of the universe.The process usually takes a long way to see completed during this time refresh your mind and your spirit letting your energy flowing for a new ideas that can illuminate your process until your creation is finished and ready to encourage responses from your readers.

  15. I center my space, time, and thoughts on being creative for whatever length of time needed to start and to finish a Yowling creation. By focusing first on priority of the things that need to be done in the order of there importance and as they present themselves. In order to find my creator I need space where I find peace, silence and comfort;then, I focus less or not at all on otherthings allowing my creativeness to be revealed.

  16. carmen Gutierrez says:

    In the kitchen or sometime in my room the place most to be quite when everyone sleeps fter three month as a yowling Creator my passion for writing has been lit once again. I now carry a notebook wherever I go in case I get an interesting observation or inspiration.

    I find that I focus better in a quiet environment, wherever that may be such as outside or indoors. In my house I like to choose between my room and the Kitchen, however this has to be after everyone has gone to bed. If I could I would go to the beach, but the park or a library also helps me stay mindful. In these places I find my creativity flow and I am able to express myself freely.

  17. Celia Brewer says:

    The way as a Yowling Creator I try to stay mindful and filled with ideas and plans is through watching T.V. and reading, when I watch television and read I get so many thoughts and ideas. That give me beautiful imaginary visions in my mind, sometimes I dream and try sometimes journal what I vision and dream, to record what it is that see. Thats how so many of my goals and dreams are made up and sometimes even my writings.

  18. juan recinos says:

    One of my best places to create is seating on the rocks near the ocen and be a way from all the noise and all distraction and my mind starts to creat and visiolaced about everything is being create ,
    also as we about the end of the semester i can see
    my self that I am not the same creater as I first stater as a yowling creater I like to find a better words to fit in my creation and it make feel more cofindence and trasted, thanks to this new expiriance.

  19. Lupita says:

    I’m a week away from finishing the spring season. This article was very motivating to set goals in this new summer season. I will definitely change my place where I usually write and I really like the idea of ​​setting a specific time to write. I identify when you mentioned the feeling of satisfaction when we are in the middle of a project or when is finished. In these stages I always feel happy but much more when my writing is finished.

  20. Maria Elena Lopez says:

    I always try to stay mindful by placing my thoughts and ideas aside for a little bit when it comes to working with others and sharing maybe a work or a project. For me sometimes it is difficult to do that but if I don’t all I would be doing and thinking would be about myself and not consider those ideas of others.Sometimes the ideas of others are much better than those of mine and it is very difficult for someone to control themself in that sense of taking over the project but with patience and practice all can be accomplished.

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