How to Capture Joy and Satisfaction…Escape Dread

How to Capture Joy and Satisfaction…Escape Dread

Even when we’re excited about a new task, eventually we will need more than motivation or “inspiration” to stay engaged in the creation process. Your Yowling Creator’s Way becomes the key, because it helps you capture the joy of your genius and the satisfaction it can bring. Consistent joy and satisfaction keep you engaged and encouraged in the process, until your task is completed. This is especially true even with overwhelming tasks about which we know nothing—a discovery I made when confronted with creating my first website.

My Story: Crossing the Chasm of Dread

The task was both “required” for my field and an exciting “new” prospect. It was filled with stress, some dread, unexpected roadblocks, detailed decisions at every turn, a monumental struggle to produce the polished image in my mind, and the pressure to “get it done already!” Without even knowing it, my friend Randy helped to convince me that every time I sat down to work, my Yowling Creator’s process would be the bridge that carried me through to completion.

Randy is an expert in planning and creating websites. He graciously worked with me to lift me from my below-zero level of knowledge to the actual execution of TheYowling.com, my first creative base and electronic calling card. When it came time for me to learn three new computer programs, master the maze of code, and become equipped to maintain the “simple” site, I nearly passed out from looking at the learning curve.

“Oh, God,” I moaned. “That’s a lot of work. I don’t have that kind of time.”

“It’s not work,” Randy assured me. “It’s fun.”

“For you, maybe.”

“It will be work, if you view it as a chore. But it will be joyful and satisfying, if you play.”

Maybe Not Fun, But You Can Learn to Enjoy

To be honest, the task never became “fun.” But I did learn to enjoy it and derive intense satisfaction at every stage. This is because I learned to focus on the process instead of the finish line. I never got to the point of updating the site every week, as my friend suggested, but every time I sat down to work on it I made sure to “play” and walk through my Yowling Creator’s Way.

Doing so helped me to concentrate on the job at hand, find meaning in the little tasks, keep working, and feel content at every stage of the process—even when I wasn’t finished but had to stop for the day. This kept me engaged and away from dread. I returned to the task more frequently than I ever would have otherwise. For me and my relationship to this job, this was good since updating a website requires never-ending labor.

“A man can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work.” — King Solomon

Escape Dread through Satisfaction, Not Perfection

If you’ve seen TheYowling.com, you know it’s a far cry from genius. It’s pleasant but basic. However, the point is this: I needed to do something new (that I secretly dreaded) and didn’t have the knowledge to do. I wanted a quality end result but had no idea how to get it. Every time I faced my task, my Yowling Creator’s path was the lifeline I clung to each step of the way. I got a lot of jobs as a result of that site, and these early efforts still bear fruit today.

I’d like to say that we naturally experience joy in all tasks. Let’s face it. Not all tasks are fun. But at the very least they can be satisfying—which can be equally fulfilling. The wisest man in the ancient Middle East agreed. King Solomon said, “A man can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work.” He attributed this sense of fulfillment to doing daily tasks as literally coming from the hand of God.

Do You Dread Your Project? How do you capture joy and satisfaction as a yowling creator?

11 Responses to “How to Capture Joy and Satisfaction…Escape Dread”

  1. Joanna says:

    That’s true, things are much more easy to complete when you get enjoyment and satisfaction out of the process. Looking forward to future Yowls!

    • Elena Medina says:

      I like your article it’s very interesting. I think we need to face our tasks everyday, knowing that the fulfillment coming from the hand of God is an easier escape from dread.

      • Lisa Marie says:

        Thanks for your comment, Elena. I agree that there is a spiritual component to the way we create. It definitely takes faith to believe we’ll make it through the creation process, especially when we can’t see the whole road before us.

  2. Nikki says:

    I enjoyed your article and have too experienced the joy and satisfaction in completing that dreaded task. Sometimes it’s just a matter of facing it instead of dwelling on the perfection of the end piece that keeps it from getting accomplished in the first place. I have found the Yowling Creator’s process to be so helpful in tackling these issues. Thank you.

  3. Ryan A says:

    I agree and feel like if we view something as enjoyable, we will want to spend more time doing that thing. As for satisfying, I only feel satisfied if my work is complete and I know I did the best I could. Simply spending a little time on it one day will not make me feel accomplished.

  4. Ysmara Sainz says:

    I agree with this as well. My family is my inspiration if it was not for them I probably a high school drop out working at McDonalds making minimum wage. My mom always tells me “you have to be more successful than I am so you can give your children the things I couldn’t give you growing up”. My mom is my hero so every time I look at her, I always find peace. She is the reason for everything that I do. So I can repay her back for all that she sacrificed for my little sisters and I. My family will always be my inspiration and the reason why I never give up on anything that I do.

  5. Miguel Gutierrez says:

    I like this subject, because I believe all of us have experienced the same dread at one point in life. If all humans concentrate themselves just on eating and drinking, they will find their own pleasure in life. Jeremy Bentham once believed that happiness could be defined in terms of pleasure. When considering any act whatsoever, one should analyze it in terms of the pleasure it will produce, in which Betham called “the calculus of felicity.”

  6. Maria Elena Lopez says:

    Writing 109
    I capture satisfaction in my yowling creation through seeking inspiration in my work with the help and through the grace of God. Like many other yowling creators, I do sometimes end up with a dread, but with a little bit of patience and love I am able to continue work and finish the beautiful creation.

  7. Maria Elen says:

    As a yowling creator sometimes I do dread a project when I come across one difficult and stressing one, having much worries and stress enough in my life. But after reading and seeing how there should sometimes be a break or just a little time out session, when working on a project. Also how you should see goodness and joy in creating your own creation and being happy of what you have made. Opens my eyes as a yowling creator, to accept the hard work and the time and effort I put in my creation.

  8. Claudia Guinea says:

    Although I enjoy challenges, I dread writing with a passion. The yowling creator process has given me the ability not to dwell on my frustration but to bypass the brain-freeze and see things in a different perspective. I have learned to use brainstorming as a way of releasing the voices in my head and that is new for me. The brainstorm process has given me the opportunity to view my thoughts on paper allowing me to empty my brain, releasing tension, and process the information giving me the ability to write freely. I still get stress but I have learned to enjoy my baby steps.

  9. Liza R. Rocha says:

    King Solomon, the wisest man in all the earth, I also find to be one of the most intriguing and gifted men to ever have lived. It is fascinating that his words were incorporated in this blog along with the subject of “joy and satisfaction”. It is reassuring that his wisdom begs us to find “satisfaction” in our work. Which is a much better then “dread”. Although, I would not characterize mine as “dread”, I would not call it “joy” at this point either. For now I am content with “satisfied” and will set a goal of “finding joy” in the near future.

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