Need an Editor?

Even when we are skilled at writing, sometimes we need another pair of professional eyes to review our creation and help us polish it into perfection. With more than a decade of experience as an editorial expert, Lisa Marie Sandoval has helped clients from all over the United States and throughout the world. She can assist you wherever you are in your creation process, from conceptualizing your project from the ground up to reviewing your proposal and outline of ideas to editing the final product and preparing it for publication.


Fees for editorial services are $60 per hour, unless Lisa Marie Sandoval is affiliated as an approved editor for your institution–in which case, you receive a 17% discount and fees drop to $50 per hour. For multi-page documents such as dissertations, professional manuals, scripts, and other projects, this can result in saving hundreds of dollars.  If you would like to receive this discount, we are happy to work with you to help make it happen at your department or institution. Click here to arrange for approved editor (AE) discount.

Payment methods are flexible and provided to you after you submit your editorial request. We require an advance payment to reserve your spot in our work log. Later you pay the remaining total upon completion of editing or pay in periodic installments, if editing the project occurs over time segment by segment. Together we can decide what works best for you.

Editorial Process: How We Work

At Yowling Creator, we are quick and efficient. You send us your project electronically (we work in Microsoft Word). It receives a hands-on edit. We change, delete, move, and advise you how to add whatever is needed in order to bring your paper up to whatever standards that you, your department, or institution sets for it.

Afterwards, we send the paper back to you to read, to insert anything missing, and to approve the changes that were necessary. If needed, we go another round or just do a quick read-through before finalizing the style, format, and grammar.

Then we provide you with a memo detailing all the revisions required together with an invoice. These two documents serve as proof of “clear and necessary” costs for your professional/scholarly advancement–rendering all services completely tax deductible here in the United States (very helpful if you are a student).

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