New Year’s Resolutions …Yuck!

New Year’s Resolutions …Yuck!

That’s what we at Yowling Creator think of this torrid tradition. New Year’s resolutions are like a sweltering promise in hell. Pretending “fresh starts” and acting as if old habits don’t follow us into the new year have never worked for me. How about you?

Let’s be real. If you’d really decided on the inside to lose that weight, start that business, paint that picture, write that novel, or be “the brand new cooler you,” then you would’ve done it already–or at least be on your way and have no need for a New Year’s resolution. New Year’s resolutions set us up for failure. When they don’t work, we usually end up…

  • discouraged         instead of        encouraged.
  • pressed down      instead of        pumped up.
  • pressured             instead of        pleased with ourselves.

If you’re tired of going around the same mountain…

Embrace Your Yowling Creator Within

Yowling Creators plan anytime, anywhere. They do this by brainstorming.

The “no rules, no expectations, no right/wrong answers, and no such thing as errors” nature of brainstorming frees us to be who we are and follow our dreams, no matter how deep down the thought is lodged.

As a Yowling Creator, you can move in and out of your Yowling Creator’s Way and not get freaked out by the natural process of the brain.

You’re Probably a Yowling Creator

…and don’t even know it.

Take our quiz and find out. Here at Yowling Creator we agree with Helen Keller, who once said:

 “Life is either a daring adventure…or nothing at all.”

16 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions …Yuck!”

  1. Raul Fajardo says:

    How Interesting! New Years resolutions have never been my cup of tea, especially because they never seem to work out, but reading this blog made me grow interested in actually making my resolutions RIGHT now rather than wait for the New Year. There are definitely many areas that I could change or improve on, and what better time to start than right now!

  2. Jonathan Villacis says:

    “no rules, no expectations, no right/wrong answers, and no such thing as errors” so true 🙂

  3. German Tapia says:

    I have never agreed with New Year’s resolutions. I think that if you want to change some aspects of your life, you don’t have to wait for a specific time of the year. I see resolutions like a stop sign. When I get to a stop sign, I look side to side and make sure that no harm is on the horizon and then continue. Life is like stop signs. You stop and consider if what you want to get rid of is damaging your life, and if you do have something to change, you do whatever is necessary and continue. This is how I view New Year’s resolutions.

  4. Julie Ovenell says:

    New Year’s Resolutions are always a struggle. The end of one year comes to a close while a, what seems to be, new, perfect, fresh year starts up and we get ourselves high off the idea that we’re going to do better this time around. The time ticks down, “five…. four… three… two… one… Happy New Year’s!” and all of a sudden we think we’re a new person with a new start until a few days, weeks, months go by and our New Year’s Resolutions have failed already. Yet, we do this again and again each year as if we never learn. I’m very ready to be done with these resolutions and start making goals that are going to be accomplished. This doesn’t start on New Year’s Eve though. It starts now.

  5. Alexa Hobelman says:

    I thought this was an intersting take on New Years resolutions. I never thought of them as discouraging, but this article honestly changed my mind. I have made a lot of New Years resolutions that fell through and that discouraged me. I believe that if you want to make something happen, then you can go make it happen! Don’t wait for a fresh start at the beginning of a New Year, because soon enough another New Year is going to come around the corner.

  6. Austin says:

    I have never made any huge changes in my life off of a new years resolution. I always have hopes that are so high but they never end up happening. I know this sounds terrible but the thing that has motivated me more than anything is my girlfriend. I did not work out a single day at college until she told me that it looked like I was loosing muscle. That was enough for me and I worked out 21 days in a row after that. You need some sort of other motivation may that be financial, spiritual, or emotionally based.

  7. James Rex Atwell says:

    I never really saw the point in new years resolutions. Because I’m a student and I chronologically divide my life up into school years rather than calendar years the transition form one calendar year to the next was never truly significant enough to me for me to make any changes in my habits.

  8. Sandra Funes says:

    I do not believe in new year’s resolutions, because I have never been able to follow them. To be able to do it requires discipline, and that is something that I do not have. To me the meaning of a new year is, a new opportunity, one more chance that God give us to know Him, to serve Him, and to serve others.

  9. Miguel Gutierrez says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to try to be a better individual. During the past years, I have been struggling on my work life and trying to attend school at the same time. This new coming year 2015, I am committing myself to grow more spiritually and academically. I thank all the people that have been there for me during all my struggles. We as creators need that special community of writers to support each other. This community of writers reminds me of the community of believers at church. The Scripture mentions that “two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor. If they fall down, they can help each other up.” I hope that that helping hand is always there to lift you up as it was there for me.

  10. Yesica Caciano says:

    New year 2015 will be improving under eye circles and boosting alertness, adequate sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Plenty of rest is known to boost memory, spur creativity, reduce inflammation, improve performance at work and school, lower stress and improve attention, among other things. College has taken a drain on me with long study nights. Adulthood/motherhood in college is all about balance. I hope the 2015 brings me lots of energy

  11. Elena Medina says:

    One year is coming to and end as another year approaches. Time to make new desicions and changes. Throughout this year I aquiered more confidence in myself. I expended time in my care I learned how using my time to do something fun I can be more creative. I learned the habit to write everyday in my journal. Life is an marvelous adventure and every day give us the opportunity to challenge our goals and reach them.

  12. Juan Recinos says:

    We all make new resolutions at the beginning of the new year,there is no objection about it,
    the only thing is that we all need to be realistic
    and make sure not to make exaggerated resolution,
    so at the end of the year we won’t regreat by
    promising something unreachable ,
    the best thing to do is ,review all our acts either
    good or bad and try each new day to improve for good.

  13. Maria Elena Lopez says:

    Creative Writing 201
    Truly I haven’t ever been a real fan of the “New Years Resolution” promise, because you are correct if you really wanted to change something or start a new, you really would have started a long time ago, and how i sometimes view it everyday could be the start of that new year for you!

  14. Carmen Gutierrez says:

    New Year’s Resolution. I did it before for many years but it never worked. From my perspective is just a tradition that people are use to doing it. Starting this year I did not do the resolution but I still receive many blessing with good news I was waiting for. I am so thankful with god and I’m a persistence positive person that makes her dreams come true.

  15. Celia Brewer says:

    Your correct, changes in life only come when you truly decide, it is time for them to come. No New Years resolution will make that fresh start, it has to be up to you. I haven’t made any major changes in my life for a News year resolution, only when I went and thought, and really wanted to make one on my own.

  16. My new year’s resolution was to lose some weight. The good thing is that the year is not over. I still want to be able to achieve my goal, so instead of feeling discourage this is a good reminder.
    I believe that I am a Yowling Creator so is time for me to get creative.

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