Planning Your Year as Yowling Creator

Planning Your Year as Yowling Creator

Okay, so I’m a bit late with my post this week. I’d like to say it was because I was busy wrapping gifts under a romantically lit Christmas tree, listening to carols by a warm fire, and sipping cider. But I didn’t really do gifts this year and have no tree or fireplace. Still, Christmas carries a light for me. This is because the Yowling Creator’s Way helped me to accomplish most everything this year.

And it all sprang from a brainstorm.

I was a bit surprised. Using the Yowling Creator’s Way to plan my year was an unexpected experiment. It all happened on this same day last December. As I sat in Starbucks waiting to meet with a client, I had some extra time. So I pulled out my yellow pad, put “2011” in the center, circled it, and started to cluster. I scribbled a flood of feelings, unmet goals, dreams, and desires.

Then I let my mind hover over the chaotic, formless mass. Slowly the main focus of growing professionally emerged followed by the general areas of launching this website, expanding business into new areas, and writing and publishing more. I happily bounced between areas filling in the concrete details of planning the how, when, and where I could do all of this on a monthly and weekly basis.

To be honest, I didn’t expect to be able to do it all–or even half of it. This is because I know myself and how much I suck at New Year’s resolutions. In fact, I spent 2010 trying to make headway on just one item in the brainstorm. The others were non-existent.

In contrast, 2011 was filled with focusing on my Yowling Creator’s journey. Amazingly, I reached my goal and in some outlined areas actually surpassed what I consciously thought possible. As a Yowling Creator, I shouldn’t be surprised. What I experienced is the essence of the Yowling Creator’s Way.

What Are You Planning for This Year As a Yowling Creator?



5 Responses to “Planning Your Year as Yowling Creator”

  1. Shoko Hattori says:

    I know its been a year since this article was posted, but I am glad that I got to read this on this December after my finals week.
    I never thought of doing the Yowling creator’s journey for the new year of 2013. I have things that I regret doing or not doing this year. It went by so fast and I can not say that this year was a success. Although I suck at accomplishing New Years Resolution, I want to try the Yowling Creator’s way this year!

  2. Suelen E Santos says:

    Planning my year using the Yowling Creator Way is such a wonderful idea. I already can see myself brainstorming 2014. Actually, I do not want to wait until next year. Since we are still in April, I can use it to planning my second semester of 2013. I believe it will be helpful once I can bring to paper all my desires, dreams, and plans for that period of time. After that, focusing in the most important points, it is possible to make a plan to accomplish that.

  3. Sara NUnez says:

    Thank you for sharing this short story. I found it interesting because there are so many things I want to do, and some of those, I have wanted to get them accomplished for a long time. When I take this Christmas break from school, before this year is over, I will find the time to do it. Just the thought of it put in paper gives me un unexplainable sense of relief. I do have a lot of things in my mind that are small, easy tasks that I should have accomplished by now. I am glad I am able to use the brainstorming process learned in your class this semester to begin a new year with more strength. 🙂

  4. Leena Im says:

    This year my yowling creator would be to focus on my studies more and try to take more responsibility. After reading your story, I started thinking about myself and brainstorm my life out. I enjoy being in your and learning the yowling creator’s way from you.

  5. Lupita says:

    Yowling Creator has been teaching me how to improve my writing but also gave me many tips like how planning my time, and also how to be better person. I wish I known all this tools before. Thank you Yowling Creator for this amazing program.

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