Yowling Creator consultations provide helpful assistance for individuals or a team of two or three working towards a single goal. They can be conducted in person, by phone, or skyped and are scheduled at your convenience from anywhere in the world. In-person consultations tend to be the most popular, as clients reap the benefit of taking home all notes made during the session.

Yowling Creator consultations can help jumpstart a project, troubleshoot pesky details, or overcome any obstacle in the creation process as you walk through the necessary steps to reach your specific goals. With a Yowling Creator’s guidance, you can plow through problems with conceptualization, organization (what comes first, second, when, where, how to present what, etc…) and understand your personal process of creating so as to perform through your strengths and productively work around weaknesses.

Most people prefer a single session at the onset of their project and then periodic consultations whenever they get stuck or face overwhelming decisions. Others prefer an initial session plus strategic follow-ups or mini-consultations to make sure they are properly tracking through the journey to meet their desired goals most effectively by a specific deadline. Yowling Creator consultations are charged hourly and usually last one to two hours, depending on purpose and goals. Many clients need just one session to get on the right track and stay there. See below for rate structures:

Yowling Creator Consultation Hourly Rate

1 person
2 people
$150 per person
3 people
$100 per person
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