Most students, and even faculty and staff, procrastinate and wait until the last minute in order to submit their papers, proposals, and projects. Many travel this frantic road semester after semester. They may fulfill basic objectives and requirements but fail to do their best work. With the Yowling Creator’s Way, you can follow the natural process of your brain and help those you lead and influence to do the same.

A Yowling Creator’s Way experience can engage students, faculty, and staff to think outside the box, become more productive in their discipline of academic or professional excellence, and help increase departmental satisfaction and morale. If you would like to bring the Yowling Creator’s Way as a workshop or seminar to your academic group or institution, below is a breakdown of structures and formats that comfortably accommodate anywhere from four to thirty participants. If you prefer a Yowling Creator’s Way course for a quarter, semester, or summer/winter intensive, then fees and format will be whatever rate structure and schedule are standard for an adjunct instructor with a master’s degree at your institution.

Yowling Creator’s Way Formats (English & Spanish)

2 – 3 hours
Interactive Workshop/Seminar
Teaching, Group Participation, General Q & A
Interactive Workshop/Seminar
Teaching, Group Participation, General Q & A, Lunch Break, Individual/Team Reflective Practice, Follow-up Session to Troubleshoot & Debrief
Retreat or Multi-day
Interactive Workshop/Seminar
Teaching, Group Participation, General Q & A, Lunch Break, Individual/Team Reflective Practices, Follow-up Sessions to Troubleshoot & Debrief (can include one-on-one or team consultations with Lisa Marie Sandoval)

While there are certain elements of the Yowling Creator’s Way process that are present in every workshop, seminar, or course, specific objectives and content are tailored to suit your particular needs and goals. Proposals can be provided upon request. Click here to see what the Yowling Creator’s Way can do for you.

Since a Yowling Creator’s Way seminar aids participants to work more fruitfully with the natural process of the brain, few supplies are required—only pen/pencil and paper for participants and a dry-erase board, instructor’s palette, or free-hand computer tablet with multi-screen projection for large-group teaching.

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