Your Yowling Creative Rhythm

Your Yowling Creative Rhythm Are you missing a beat in your yowling creative rhythm? You may not know it, but the rhythm and pace at which you create can be almost as crucial as the creation itself. The right rhythm is a well-oiled engine that keeps us motivated and enjoying our task, even if it’s not finished. When we move through that paper, project, or plan at a pace that suits us, we are more likely to keep returning to work...

Yowling – Outlining Feels Like Moving Day

Yowling – Outlining Feels Like Moving Day This past week it struck me that Stage 4 of the creation process is much like moving day. I’ve been trying to figure out how to collect all of the stray pieces of my life, fit them neatly into boxes, and find just the right spot for each item in my new home. A yowling has been rising like a geyser within me. The more I contemplate the task, the bigger it gets. Since I work from home, I have to...

How To Be Mindful As A Yowling Creator

How To Be Mindful As A Yowling Creator Gearing up for the school year can be a yowling challenge. Whether you’re a student, living with a student, or teaching a student, the entire household seems to experience a summer shift. Shifting seasons also affect how we go about birthing our passion. So today I want to offer you a gentle reminder to be good to yourself and to your creation. Your Yowling Creator Environment Remember to take time...

Cram-Bam…Miracle? Embrace Yowling

Cram-Bam…Miracle? Embrace Yowling Do you hop from project to project? Does your mind nibble in a meadow of great ideas without finishing one? Do you lack satisfaction when you finally do finish? You may have a cram-bam approach and not know it. This means you ignore your yowling and wait until the last minute to start. Then you procrastinate, try again, abandon all effort, try again, get even more frustrated, and then try to internalize...

Beyond Writer’s Block: Yowling Creator’s Crunch

Beyond Writer’s Block: Yowling Creator’s Crunch Are you tied up in knots? This is what creator’s crunch feels like. Writers experience it as “writer’s block.” Business people say they’re “stumped.” Artists just scream and call it “frustration.” Many blame their “muse,” sadly whining that it went on vacation. In reality, creator’s crunch is much more than simple writer’s block....

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