Thesis: Your Guiding Light

Thesis: Your Guiding Light Often we associate a “thesis” with writing papers. But a thesis is more than an overarching sentence for an academic paper. It’s the guiding light for any project. It makes our creation vibrantly come alive. As the third stage of the Yowling Creator’s Way, the thesis concentrates our energy and focuses a creation so it fully reaches its potential.         THESIS =...

How to Capture Joy and Satisfaction…Escape Dread

How to Capture Joy and Satisfaction…Escape Dread Even when we’re excited about a new task, eventually we will need more than motivation or “inspiration” to stay engaged in the creation process. Your Yowling Creator’s Way becomes the key, because it helps you capture the joy of your genius and the satisfaction it can bring. Consistent joy and satisfaction keep you engaged and encouraged in the process, until your task is completed. This is...

3 Benefits: Use The Yowling Creator’s Way

3 Benefits: Use The Yowling Creator’s Way As human beings, we create the way God creates because we are made in his image. We’re not perfect, so it may take us a little longer, but the process is basically the same. Although I stumbled into this glorious find due to desperate need, I now cherish my Yowling Creator’s process as a friend I can count on 24/7. It keeps me relaxed, on track, and enjoying the respective task at hand. Your Yowling...

Your Yowling Creator’s Way: Why It’s Important

Your Yowling Creator’s Way: Why It’s Important The Yowling Creator’s Way differs from so many creative guides on the market today. Some offer techniques, tips, and methods of meditation that hunt down your muse and shackle it into submission. However, there are deep problems with this approach, because the more we seek to control our creation, the more we smother and drain it of the very thing that gives it life. Your Yowling Creator’s Way is not a...

Yowling Creator Winds

Yowling Creator Winds Blustery winds blew through Wednesday. They swept across the 210 freeway, where I was traveling back at 10 p.m. from Lake View Terrace to San Gabriel. Freeway signs fell to the ground. A tumbleweed the size of my tiny Toyota Tercel bounced across the asphalt as if owned the highway. A flurry of fall leaves made me think we were having a brown winter, and someone would have to shovel me out. That is, if I ...

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