Get Published: 5 Ways to Format Like a Pro

Get Published: 5 Ways to Format Like a Pro Decrease Your Yowling: Increase Your Chances to Get Published. The publishing process can be a labyrinth. Whether you’re looking to digitally publish, self-publish, or go the traditional route of agency representation to reach the bestseller list, one thing that can make or break your Yowling Creator’s brainchild is format. Proper format is the mark of a pro. It separates experts from amateurs....

Yowling Creator & Literary Techniques

Yowling Creator & Literary Techniques Literary techniques are for more than just poetry and storytelling. They raise all writing to a higher level and make it memorable. Here’s why… Literary Techniques Cause a Rhythmic Echo in the Ear Alliteration, internal and external rhyme, and word repetition are often the literary techniques responsible for this. The repetition of sounds in consecutive words can make a professional product,...

Get Published: How to Avoid the Slush Pile

Get Published: How to Avoid the Slush Pile The best way to get published is to avoid the “slush pile.” The slush pile is that stack of manuscripts and submissions that never make it onto a publisher’s “maybe” list. Every publisher has at least one editor. Most have a team, and every editor has a slush pile. However, following a few quick tips will help your masterpiece shine, stay away from the slush pile, and ease...

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