Yowling Creator: Try and Refute This…

Yowling Creator: Try and Refute This… Okay. So Justin Bieber has nothing to with how to refute an argument. But have a little compassion. It was the best I could find to grab your attention. Now that I have it, see below for some quick tips for how to say “no” with kindness, respect, and great skill…   Yowling Creator Tips on How to Refute Make sure your argument is well established before trying to refute the opposition....

Yowling – Outlining Feels Like Moving Day

Yowling – Outlining Feels Like Moving Day This past week it struck me that Stage 4 of the creation process is much like moving day. I’ve been trying to figure out how to collect all of the stray pieces of my life, fit them neatly into boxes, and find just the right spot for each item in my new home. A yowling has been rising like a geyser within me. The more I contemplate the task, the bigger it gets. Since I work from home, I have to...

The Yowling Benefits of a Creator’s Outline

The Yowling Benefits of a Creator’s Outline An outline is necessary for our creation to be able to stand on its own and breathe life. It is an organic phase of creation and the most solid step between having nothing and having something. Although the process of outlining can feel uncomfortable, it is a natural and necessary stage in the creation process to ensure that we have all the vital elements for our creation to reach its highest point of...

Yowling Creator Answers “Why Outline?”

Yowling Creator Answers “Why Outline?” Without an outline, your creation would just be a jumbled bag of really good thoughts and ideas.Outlining offers the necessary flexibility for both sides of the brain to function jointly and in harmony to form the skeleton of your creation. Without a human skeleton, a person’s body would just be a bag of organs and tissue. In the same way, without an outline, a creation cannot hold itself together....

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