New Year’s Resolutions …Yuck!

New Year’s Resolutions …Yuck! That’s what we at Yowling Creator think of this torrid tradition. New Year’s resolutions are like a sweltering promise in hell. Pretending “fresh starts” and acting as if old habits don’t follow us into the new year have never worked for me. How about you? Let’s be real. If you’d really decided on the inside to lose that weight, start that business, paint that...

Planning Your Year as Yowling Creator

Planning Your Year as Yowling Creator Okay, so I’m a bit late with my post this week. I’d like to say it was because I was busy wrapping gifts under a romantically lit Christmas tree, listening to carols by a warm fire, and sipping cider. But I didn’t really do gifts this year and have no tree or fireplace. Still, Christmas carries a light for me. This is because the Yowling Creator’s Way helped me to accomplish most...

4 Brainstorming Benefits

4 Brainstorming Benefits Brainstorming is the second stage of The Yowling Creator’s Way. Sometimes we may be tempted to skip brainstorming in our rush through the creation process. We can see it as an “unnecessary” detour, if we’re facing a time crunch. We may think “it just won’t help,” if we believe creating–or getting something done–means all work and no play. We can even...

Brainstorming: Why Do It?

Brainstorming: Why Do It? Brainstorming is a stage that I’m tempted to skip, even though I write and teach the Yowling Creator’s Way…. I suppose the reason is because brainstorming is not the finished product. I’m practical and therefore all about finished product. In no way does a brainstorm look like something I could publish, submit to an audience, or use as the main event. Brainstorming is the way we dream...

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