New Year’s Resolutions …Yuck!

New Year’s Resolutions …Yuck! That’s what we at Yowling Creator think of this torrid tradition. New Year’s resolutions are like a sweltering promise in hell. Pretending “fresh starts” and acting as if old habits don’t follow us into the new year have never worked for me. How about you? Let’s be real. If you’d really decided on the inside to lose that weight, start that business, paint that...

Yowling Creator: Try and Refute This…

Yowling Creator: Try and Refute This… Okay. So Justin Bieber has nothing to with how to refute an argument. But have a little compassion. It was the best I could find to grab your attention. Now that I have it, see below for some quick tips for how to say “no” with kindness, respect, and great skill…   Yowling Creator Tips on How to Refute Make sure your argument is well established before trying to refute the opposition....

When the Heat Wave Hits Your Yowling Brain

When the Heat Wave Hits Your Yowling Brain The L.A. heat has been crazy. Blistering temperatures of 100° to 119° have fried the southland. I tend to get irritable or even frustrated when trying to work through these yowling temps. My brain becomes too hot to think clearly. And yet, the heat teaches me something. It reminds me of that “hot spot” in the creation process: I have “nothing” yet have to produce...

Your Yowling Creator Spirit

Your Yowling Creator Spirit A depleted spirit guarantees a depleted soul. When we create, we tend to focus our attention on what we think, how we feel, and what we do. But the role of the spirit for a yowling creator is a very important part of the creation process. Before we can conscientiously create, we need to know our state. Understanding our spiritual side and human identity feeds and nutures us in the journey to finish...

Yowling Creators Need Spiritual Release

Yowling Creators Need Spiritual Release Often the creation process can feel like a bubbling brook. It either splashes along happily or clogs with obstructions. Too many obstructions can paralyze the flow. Yowling from our soul brings spiritual release and dislodges us from such paralysis. It frees us from never-ending circles of despair and propels us forward into the hope that what we’re setting out to do we can achieve. Without fluid...

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