Here’s what people say about Lisa Marie Sandoval and the Yowling Creator’s Way…

“Her ability to help me was amazing. She literally guided me in that entire process in ways I never would have imagined . . . very creative in helping you craft your message.” –Jason Cruise, founder of Outdoor Ministries, editor of The Sportsman’s Bible, TV producer of Dad & Me, national speaker


“I gave in and hired Lisa Marie and that is the best money spent.”  –Douglas L. Gates, President of DLG Financial Services


“What the Yowling Creator’s Way did was invaluable. It helped crystallize into words a vision that had only been a heartbeat. Since it was a heartbeat, once it was in words, it was easier to implement. It captured what we were trying to do, and now it has captured what we have done.”  –Stephen Kia, civil engineer and board member of Rock Community Center in Los Angeles, CA


“The Yowling Creator’s Way demystifies the process of creating. It provides a step by step model of composing and helps locate the creative self within amidst the chaos of information.”  –Amber Nylund, singer/songwriter, myspace.com/ambernylund


“Again and again, she challenged me to apply ideas to specific ministry tasks assigned to people within a defined timeframe…. Lisa Marie Sandoval can help you come to a place of clear argument and specific applications to ministry today.”  –Martin Macaulay, senior pastor of East Taieri Church in Mosgiel, New Zealand


“Going back to school after 25 years was difficult for me. I did not know what to expect and I had no confidence in myself. Lisa’s Yowling Creator’s Way of teaching gave me the skills that I needed in my overall studies such as writing book reports, research, term papers, essays, and formulating and composing my senior project. I have applied this knowledge not only in school but in my personal life and work environment…The 6-stage process of writing from the brainstorming to thesis formulation, outlining, to the finished product is so simple and easy to understand.”   –Ron de Castro, University of La Verne student


“The Yowling Creator’s Way helps me a lot. It drove me from almost nothing to have something in my hands. I had big trouble . . . when I used my Yowling Creator’s Way steps to do it, it was very easy. Now I’m able to do it on my own just following the steps.”  –Jonatán Altamirano, teacher in Tijuana, Mexico


 “If you are facing ‘a sense of being overwhelmed,’ Lisa Marie Sandoval can help you take the process one step at a time to produce excellence. I recommend Lisa because she is extremely competent, quick, and helpful in every aspect of development….I only wish I had used her from the beginning. I felt like I was fighting an uphill battle. I would have saved money, time, and a lot of frustration.” –Dana Allin, founder/lead consultant of Vitality Ministries & senior pastor of Indian River Presbyterian Church in Fort Pierce, Florida

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