The Yowling Benefits of a Creator’s Outline

The Yowling Benefits of a Creator’s Outline

An outline is necessary for our creation to be able to stand on its own and breathe life. It is an organic phase of creation and the most solid step between having nothing and having something. Although the process of outlining can feel uncomfortable, it is a natural and necessary stage in the creation process to ensure that we have all the vital elements for our creation to reach its highest point of excellence—or, at least, to be properly finished.


Outline: Your Creator’s Overview

An outline provides an overview. Musical composer, filmmaker, and organizational consultant Robert Fritz explains: “The value of an overview is obvious. You can better create the result you want if you know where you are and what you desire. The value of knowing your next few moves may be a little less obvious, but it’s through them that you can organize strategic actions and develop momentum.”

Outline: Yowling Momentum You Can Touch

Essentially, that is the purpose of outlining: to “develop momentum” and help you to maintain it as both sides of your brain work together to weave your final product. Previously, your creation was nothing. Then, it was just a thought. Next, your mind shed a little light on it. Now, during the outlining stage, is when your creation actually becomes something you can touch.

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Outline: Yowling Creator’s Paradox

The process of outlining enables us to relinquish control while maintaining it simultaneously. Both sides of the brain need this paradox in order to work well together in the process of creation. The act of outlining ensures that each side gets what it needs.

It offers an environment in which both sides can work together, with each hemisphere taking the lead as necessary for the productive progress of the creation’s development. Without these benefits, your brain eventually will become blocked and you will experience creator’s crunch.

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6 Responses to “The Yowling Benefits of a Creator’s Outline”

  1. Mayra R says:

    At the beginning of the outlining process I feel that I am going in the right direction, but as I get deeper into it I have a tendency to keep writing, and instead of working on the outline I end working on my regular paper.So I getting lost in process of outlining.

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Yes, Mayra. I know what you mean. Often during outlining both sides of the brain are functioning, and staying grounded in the creation process can be challenging–especially if we are under the pressure of a deadline. The natural reaction is wanting to jump ship and ditch the outline, in order to just crank out “something”…anything. The problem is that the “something” we crank out frequently doesn’t satisfy us or the instructor, so essentially we’re right back where we abandoned our yowling creator’s way.

  2. Megan O'Shea says:

    I know the outline will be helpful once I start my paper, because even now I feel like my thoughts are all over the place. It is hard to stick to forming the outline instead of just jumping in and starting to write the paper. I do not like outlining because it does feel uncomfortable. Sticking to outline and not jumping into the paper has been a strugglebut hopefully it will pay off later.

  3. Gabriel O. says:

    I never use to outline my papers. So at first it was really hard outlining because I was not sure what I needed to put down. Now it really helps having something there to refer to when typing the paper. The paper also becomes easier to type since most of the ideas are written out on the outline already.

  4. Christin Escaross says:

    When outlining, I get frustrated because I am the kind of person that just wants to start writing. Everything is laid out in my brain and I know how to start it and what I will be talking about. Outlining for me is a block in the road, it stops me from being able to write. I tried outlining a several times, and I feel like I need to do it because it was assigned, but other than that, I would never outline and start writing my paper.

  5. Patricia Rivera says:

    Sometimes it’s hard for me to outline my ideas because I want to say so many things, but just don’t know where to start. I often skip the outlining stage because I thought my way of outlining was pointless. But since starting college, outlining is now my best friend. I have learned several new ways and strategies to write papers and now, they’re so much easier to just crank out because I have all of my ideas outlined on paper.

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