Facing Frustration? Express Your Yowling

Facing Frustration? Express Your Yowling

The best goals can take weeks, months, or even years to reach. During the exciting yet sometimes lonely moments, we need to stay equipped, empowered, and motivated to keep plodding through our process. When we create from scratch, or something from nothing, we must face down frustration at our highest levels. To do that, we need to express our “yowling.”

Yowling Creator is all about you…

Chat what’s on your mind, what’s in your heart, and those things you’ve yearned to create with your time and talents. My hope is to foster a community of creators who are laboring to make their “great idea” a reality. In the exciting and sometimes lonely moments of the creation process, we need a community of like-minded folks who know what it’s like to suffer through a dream as it becomes reality, even if they’re not in the same field as we are. As the founder of the Yowling Creator’s Way, here’s what would make me crazy happy to see:

  • Free exchange of ideas about your creation process and/or use of the Yowling Creator’s Way.
  • Remarks, rare ponderings, and inquiries about what inspires you.
  • Round tables of discovery to know that you’re not alone when you face the blank slate of the unknown, that tense space of knowing what you have in your mind’s eye but before you have anything concrete to show to the world.
  • Safe forum in which to share your yowling, that angst that often crops up in the creation process. We all need an empathetic ear now and then.
  • To provide a virtual community where you, me, and fellow creators can talk about various projects, strategies, plans, or artistic magnum opus–the ups, the downs, the all-arounds.

I have not failed. I have successfully discovered twelve hundred ideas that don’t work.
Thomas Edison

It can be in the arenas of art, business, professional dreams, non-profits, scientific experiments, or something for school. The Yowling Creator is a place where you and I can give and receive help, hope, encouragement, and community in those lonely or yowling moments that only a fellow creator can understand–where we can view our creation process like Thomas Edison viewed his. Are you interested?

What frustration and project are you facing right now? Tell us about it…

9 Responses to “Facing Frustration? Express Your Yowling”

  1. Luis Alvarado says:

    Sometimes when I have a lot of things going on in my life is hard to sit down and write some story. Occasionally I feel so stressed about either my job or some event at home. What I do to beat the bad atmosphere is this. I go to the beach or either to the mountains. I sit down for a couple of hours and enjoy the view. These facts really energized my life and refresh my whole body and soul.
    If anyone has some tips about how to relax or lighten up, please let me know.
    Beside it, I’ve been working in some stories and I would like to know some literary techniques. I’d like to review my writings. I’d really appreciate is there’s someone who can provided me with this stuff.
    Thanks and so long….

  2. Sometimes when I have a lot of things going on in my life, it is hard to sit down to write a poem or song. Sometimes I feel so stressed by an event either in the home or somewhere else. What I can do to overcome the bad environment. I feel for a couple of hours and rest, drink a cup of water,and practice deep breathing. These events really help my life to writing.

  3. Sandra Funes says:

    I was writing a poem for a workshop and it was not coming up so I brainstormed it again like Mrs Sandoval suggested and I got better results the second time.

  4. Suelen E Santos says:

    I am in the third semester of my school, and I never felt so stuck and frustrated as I
    am right now. My both classes have been very hard and in addition to that, I am going through a very hard moment. I am eight months pregnant and what is supposed to be just wonderful, glamorous, and happy life event, is also a moment when I am experiencing a lot of pain, due to a special condition I am facing during pregnancy. It is hard to be creative and finishing all assignments when you physically are not feeling well. The stages of the Yowling Creative Way are helping me to enjoy what I have done until now, and keep moving.

  5. The class Yowling Creator Class is a challenge for me, because it is difficult to express ones inner self. I find it difficult to express my idea in Yowling but the class is helpful in the method being shown to me. In poems, I often find it difficult to express what I am really feeling or trying to say.

    • Lisa Marie says:


      I understand the challenge. No matter how professional or amateur, bringing our ideas from the brain to the page can make us yowl. I’m glad the Yowling Creator class is helping. Remember to give yourself some grace in the process. Not everything blips from our brains perfectly. Often, it’s a process. If you focus on just celebrating wherever you happen to be in the creation process, instead of expecting perfection, you might discover joy. I admire how each day you risk. 🙂

  6. Therefore, the process of Yowling is stressful to me. But, I continue with the challenge in order to improve my skills in self-express. I believe this will also improve my writing skills in English.

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