Thesis: Your Guiding Light

Thesis: Your Guiding Light

Often we associate a “thesis” with writing papers. But a thesis is more than an overarching sentence for an academic paper. It’s the guiding light for any project. It makes our creation vibrantly come alive. As the third stage of the Yowling Creator’s Way, the thesis concentrates our energy and focuses a creation so it fully reaches its potential.

  • Businesses have their tag lines.
  • Organizations have their mission statements.
  • Churches have their vision statements.
  • Politicians have their slogans.

All of these in one form or another assert a reason for being. They define identity and serve as a filter for what stays in and what gets excluded. They direct crucial plans and energy. In the same way, a thesis concentrates our energy and focuses our yowling so a creation fully reaches its potential.

Thesis: Guides Our Yowling Passion

The act of creation is based on love. To truly bring something into being and give it vibrant life, we need to feel passionate about it. Even Mahatma Gandhi recognized that “where there is love there is life.” Even if initially we are not excited about the task or project, we can come to care about it and even enjoy it.

When we enjoy something, we find satisfaction in it. During the process of creation, this happens through our intentional act of forming the thesis. For musician and creative writer Roberto Perdomo, this moment is powerful and full of emotion. “The stage that most impacts me is . . . thesis.” He says it links his mind with memory and enables him to create something heartfelt from the soul.

Thesis = Topic + Illuminating Idea

The thesis is a single thought that embodies the topic plus the illuminating idea of your creation. Depending on your project, the thesis can be a sentence, scientific equation, musical phrase, or general schematics and working diagram. The “topic” is the person, place, thing, or abstract idea around which you brainstormed. The “illuminating idea” is your values or emotions about the topic. You may be used to defining this as your attitude, slant, unique action, original thought, or cutting-edge ingenuity. However, in reality these all derive from our values or emotions.

Thesis: Essence of Our Creation

The thesis captures the essence of our creation—our values or emotions about the topic—and provides vision. Just as light is the center of our little corner of the universe, the thesis is the center of a creation. The thesis holds the creative DNA of our finished product. It ensures that the final product eventually will become what we intend it to be.

Any thoughts?

13 Responses to “Thesis: Your Guiding Light”

  1. Maddy Herman says:

    In my own writings, I have continually struggled finding my guiding light. The Yowling Creator’s Way has helped me create a strong thesis for all of my college essays. The topic + illuminating idea aspect of the thesis has helped me to create innovative ideas for my essays, that has given my essays an edge to them. After nailing my thesis the rest of the essay becomes a lot easier.

  2. Ysmara Sainz says:

    I am going to be honest when you first explained the Guiding Light to us when I was in your class the first 2 weeks I was so confused. Every time you talked about the guiding light I would always ask myself “What is that?”. What confused me even more was when you abbreviated it as GL and I was like “Oh my god I am going to fail this class”. Then as time went on the light bulb went on and as I would write down my guiding light everything else felt so much easier to type on my paper. So in the end this actually helped me, a lot.

  3. Kelsey Colbert says:

    The thesis or guiding light has been one of the steps I’ve struggled with the most. A lot of the time I have a difficult time finding my illuminating idea when I choose a topic. Finding a slant that I’m passionate about on the topic has definitely helped me develop my thesis. This post has helped me identify what my guiding light is and how to filter it.

  4. Kelsey LaTendresse says:

    I also find it hard to formulate a thesis even when you know how you feel about a topic. I always get confused on if you are supposed to put your own thoughts into it or if it is supposed to be a formal statement. This post helped me to see that it is not just the topic but also the illuminating idea to form a thesis. This also clearly defined what the topic and the guiding should be which helps me in figuring out my own thesis.

  5. Patricia Rivera says:

    Sometimes, I have a very hard time developing a thesis. It’s very hard to figure out what kind of ideas that should or should not be in that specific thesis. Not only is figuring out what goes in and what comes out, but it’s also very difficult to place every idea in the proper place in order for me to get my exact idea across. Generally, I dread writing papers because I have such a difficult time developing a thesis. Writing the actual paper? Easy peasy. Writing the thesis? I just want to hit my head against a wall. Theses are just very hard for me to write.

  6. Tricia Fontneau-Ramos says:

    Recently, I have found that the hardest thing for me to write is my thesis. This is probably because it takes me so long to figure out what my guiding light is. I have a hard time with this because everything I have been writing has been so broad and covers so many different things. I have not been listening to my brain, but have rather been pulling out something I think would sound good in a paper. Reading this helped me to realize that my thesis should be something that makes it easier for me in the end.

  7. Anne Landrum says:

    I really like the idea that thesis “statements” (if you’re writing a paper) is not just for writing papers. It is really worth any creative spark in an activity. This is a crucial step in the process because it is literally the center of what you are creating. The “DNA” is translated and transcribed through the rest of the paper (or other creation).

  8. elena Medina says:

    It is important to enjoy the process of our creation because gives us a sense of satisfaction. One of the most important thing about the process is when you capture your idea.When you started brainstorm your thought and feel exciting to see how you find many other words that connects with your thought to illuminating it. Our thesis involves personal insights about the topic that maintain focus on every step until the creation is already done.

  9. Miguel Gutierrez says:

    Most of the time, when I am ready to write a paper. The “thesis” blocks all my thoughts, and I get frustated. I take a small break, to get away from the chaos. Then, I can go back to my paper and continue with my writing with a fresh new thought. This works for me as a creator. At least I know that I am not alone during the “Thesis Process”

  10. Sandra Funes says:

    -Reading this blog has giving me a better understanding of what the thesis is, and how is formed. Just writing the topic and how we feel about it will give us what we need to write the essays. Now I got it. Thank you.

  11. Maria Elena Lopez says:

    When I start to prepare to write an essay or any paper I try to follow the yowling creator steps needed to write a proper essay. After learning about how to write an essay I see that a good supportive thesis and a good supportive body is needed to really try to prove your point/statement. Thanks to the yowling creator, I have been able to learn more about writing essays, and proper grammar has gotten much better.

  12. Yowling is my new favorite word, because I discover I can honor my inner voice. The word “thesis” seems to be scary, until you realize there is an amazing and fun way to do it. Finding the Illuminating idea is like the light at the end of the tunnel. The creation of writing a paper becomes a better experience.

  13. Luis Renteria says:

    What confused me, even more, was when you abbreviated it as GL and I was like “Oh my god I am going to fail this class”. Then as time went on the light went on and as I would write down my guiding light everything else felt so much easier to type on my paper. So, in the end, this actually helped me, a lot.I am going, to be honest when you first explained the Guiding Light to us when I was in your class the first 1 week I was so confused. Every time you talked about the guiding light I would always ask myself “What is that?”.

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