Your Yowling Creator Spirit

Your Yowling Creator Spirit

A depleted spirit guarantees a depleted soul.
When we create, we tend to focus our attention on what we think, how we feel, and what we do. But the role of the spirit for a yowling creator is a very important part of the creation process. Before we can conscientiously create, we need to know our state. Understanding our spiritual side and human identity feeds and nutures us in the journey to finish our task.

Your Yowling Starts in Your Spirit

The spirit nourishes the soul. For this reason, the apostle Paul prayed to God and issued this blessing: “That out of God’s glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being.” The spirit strengthens the soul which houses the mind, will, and emotions. The mind, will, and emotions are where we experience problems with procrastination, self-control, frustrations with the creative process, and general despair over our run towards the finish line.

Express Your Yowling

A depleted soul strips us of being able to engage in and enjoy the work we set out to do. However, we rarely think of the spirit as the solution to these problems. Prayer and conversation with God give us a place to hash out any harsh realities we feel about our situation. While distinct cultures may dress the spiritual side of their yowling differently, the human struggle within is basically the same: the search for peace, the desire for expression, the hope for something tangible to be perceived by human faculties.

The spirit strengthens the soul

Well-known artists, the Sons of Korah were the most skillful songwriters and reflective poets in ancient Israel. Under the reign of King David, another artist, they wrote: “Why are you cast down, O my inner self? And why should you moan over me and be disquieted within me?” They freely expressed in a prayerful yowl what we all have experienced at one time or another during the creative process. If we don’t express our yowling, we will stay stuck. As yowling creators, we need spiritual release.

What do you think? Does your yowling have a spiritual side?

13 Responses to “Your Yowling Creator Spirit”

  1. Mayra R says:

    As a believer now I understanding that it is truth that my spiritual situation really affects my creation moments, because when my spirit is facing a battle it is more difficult to concentrate on my tasks. Thank you for making this blog, because it make me to understand that is necessary to connect my mind with my spirit even at the moment of creating a paper.

  2. Scott Heathorn says:

    Like you said I rarely pay attention to my spirit when I am creating things. I like to use my mind to come up with a logical response, rather than my spirit. If I know how I really feel about something on a spiritual level I can be much more passionate about my work. The problem is getting my spirit involved takes a lot of inspiration because I do not have much practice.

  3. Miguel Gutierrez says:

    I think all humans have an spiritual side within themselves, but sometimes it is hard to admit to that. The “Spirit” refers to the “breath or wind of God.” The psalmist could not escape the breath of God. As a person’s breath is always an indicator that the person is present, so God’s breath (“spirit”) assures the petitioner that God is near. It is true that the spirit strengthens the soul. Keep praying and communicate with God.

  4. Elena Medina says:

    I Like this article I agree that the spirit takes a very important part in the process of creating something. I think that as a humans we have the capacity to communicate our ideas. Every new idea comes from our spirit, and allows us to have the desire to communicate with other people.

  5. Isaac McAllister says:

    This is an interesting perspective on our creativeness, and while I think it isn’t maybe as significant as Maree says, it does play an role in our ability to voice creativity. I have reservations simply because I can think of quite a few music artists and film-makers that strongly speak out against spirituality and yet create great works of art. In my personal life, however, I can think of several specific times when I have hit “the wall” and don’t know where to go, but praying of singing a worship song sparked my creativity. This includes everything from making music to writing essays on a test (yes, my praying during a test helped me write an awesome essay once).

  6. Marisa Walters says:

    I completely agree with this post. For me, when life is crazy with papers, I hardly pay attention to my spirit. I only think about the task at hand. Having a conversation with God will help me with my creative process. This blog helped me realize that I need to incorporate my sprit with my tasks.

  7. Jaylene Land says:

    I believe with everything we do there a spiritual side that comes into play. From writing to making an important decision, how you are spiritually and what you feel spiritually effects that decision you make and what you write about as a writer. Everyone has a spiritual side, whether they know it or not. How they use and when they do is up to them. Personally I believe my spiritual side with God helps and encourages me in all that I do, whether I realize it half the time or. Majority of the time it is unconscious which is a good and bad thing depending on what and how someone views it.

  8. Sandra funes says:

    I believe that my spirit, my soul guides me in my creative moments. If I feel guilty, of course I will be writing something about that, if I feel happy it will be a happy note. Whatever I create will reflect the feeling, the mood that my spirit is experiencing at that moment.

  9. Sandra Funes says:

    I believe that beautiful creations come from our most inner self. The only way I could create some writings for my English class was because of the grace of God, He is always good to me specially when I don’t have an idea of what to write about.

  10. Carmen Gutierrez says:

    It is nice and really true. God to speak to your heart without all the normal distractions.thank you for help me to understand it.

    I like it this youling I believe how wonderful God is with us. I like all this words it help me how to create.

  11. Maria Elena Lopez says:

    As a yowling creator I do have a spiritual side. Many times when I am stressed out, in writing, reading, I turn to God, and pray so that I may have peace and joy in the work that I do. Having a spiritual side is very important especially when it comes to something and difficult.

  12. Carmen Gutierrez says:

    I believe that we all have a spiritual side who support us, guide us and surround us. thank you a my spiritual side for showing me what I need to know. thank you for leading me in the right direction and for helping me heal my physical body.

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