Yowling Creator Answers “Why Outline?”

Yowling Creator Answers “Why Outline?”

Without an outline, your creation would just be a jumbled bag of really good thoughts and ideas.
Outlining offers the necessary flexibility for both sides of the brain to function jointly and in harmony to form the skeleton of your creation. Without a human skeleton, a person’s body would just be a bag of organs and tissue. In the same way, without an outline, a creation cannot hold itself together. It requires the solid framework of an inner structure to become self-sustaining and freely functional. Without an outline, your creation would just be a jumbled bag of really good thoughts and ideas. This is why the fourth stage of your Yowling Creator’s Way is so crucial.

Outline: Your Yowling Tree of Thoughts

“Thoughts have physical structure and nature,” says Dr. Caroline Leaf, a neuro-metacognitive learning specialist. “They look like trees in a forest with a gentle rain of chemicals falling on them. They are called neurons or nerve cells….These neurons grow more than 100 trillion connections amongst each other in a dynamic, integrated network. Each nerve cell (or tree) has the potential to grow up to 70,000 branches or more per nerve cell.”

Since thoughts have a “physical structure and nature” on the inside of our brain, it is logical that they would need a physical structure in order to stand up straight once they are outside our mind. This physical structure exists on the outside of our brain in the form of an outline. Just like branches on a tree, these cerebral connections can be firmly developed or exist in bits, pieces, and other leafy beginnings. There can even be gaping holes for branches to fill in later, as parts of the whole grow and form at different paces.

Your Yowling Brain Dance: The Outline

In an outline, disconnected concepts and thoughts begin to touch one another. It’s where the left and right sides of the brain begin to hold hands, dance, spend time together, and become more comfortable with the creation. If they have worked well together in the past, the marriage between the two will feel familiar, joyful, and even exciting. The two hemispheres gain familiarity through frequently working together. The more often you create, the more easily the right and left hemispheres will engage to do their respective tasks.

Do You Outline? Why or Why Not? Got Any Outlining Questions for Yowling Creator?

3 Responses to “Yowling Creator Answers “Why Outline?””

  1. Claudia Guinea says:

    Honestly, I never used an outline for my writing projects, well at least I think that I don’t use an outline. When I am working on a paper or assignment I write my thoughts down and just continue writing until I fell I have the necessary information on the paper. Once that process has been complete I review and move the paragraphs around, add more information and edit. Often my style of writing produces severe episodes of stress and just like your blog mentions “Without an outline, your creation would just be a jumbled bag of really good thoughts and ideas.” After reading the yowling creators way I am practicing brainstorming and using outlines for writing assignments. I often just want to jump in and do it my old way, but have seen the benefits of taking time and using an outline. A little more practice and I might just become fully convinced.

  2. Lupita Loeza says:

    Since I have been connected with Yowling Creator, I have learned valuables tools to improve my writing. The outline is one of these valuables tools that helped me develop better essays. Before knowing how to use the outline, it was very difficult to connect the main ideas in the development my essays. Now by reading how blog it’s surprise me how thoughts have a physical structure and nature on the inside of our brain. For me apply outline in my writing brings many benefits to be clear in my general idea.

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Lupita, outlining can be frustrating for those who don’t fully understand its purpose. Sometimes writers think they have to cram their creative ideas into some sort of twisted box. However, an outline’s purpose is just the opposite: to help us understand the structure of the yowling in our head & heart and bring it into reality. I’m glad to see you are surprised and are taking advantage of the freedom an outline can bring. 🙂

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