Rest & Its Yowling Creator Benefits

Rest & Its Yowling Creator Benefits

I just returned from a refreshing stint in Santa Barbara. It has become one of my favorite places to write. I escape the fast pace of L.A. and retreat to the serene green and invigorating coastal breezes of someplace out of the way. I like it, because the change in scenery inspires me. I need it, to shed the stress of meeting clients’ deadlines and my own creative demands. I welcome it, because it fills my creative cup. If you’re having trouble creating, I recommend rest. It can help you reconnect with your creative self. If you don’t rest, you put yourself in danger of burnout.

Rest Will Restore You

Resting means there are no demands placed upon you. There is no “to do” list. You can do whatever your mind, soul, and body need in order to feel pleasantly alive again. Basically, you give yourself the freedom to think or not to think about your project. It’s a great opportunity to get some extra zzzzzz. You’d be surprised how elusive solutions often come into focus after getting some much needed sleep.

Rest vs. Recreation

In between my writing hours, I enjoy recreation. I alternate between hot bubble baths and fun activities. When in Santa Barbara, I like to take long walks on the beach and to go kayaking. There’s something about being in the middle of the ocean that makes my problems seem not so big. While recreation is useful for continuing productivity, it differs from rest in that we remain in active mode. At rest, we are still.

Yowling Creator at Rest

As a yowling creator, here’s how I feel after a good rest!

Rest Refills Our Creative Cup

Lifting our eyes from the computer, canvas, or careful scientific calculations gives our brain a break. It clears our perspective. Often when I rest, even if it’s just for a brief time, I realize just how tired I am. If we’re constantly in motion, it’s easy to burn out and abandon a project–even an important one. Rest replenishes the soul. It gives us energy for the next hill we have to climb.

Rest Helps Us To Overcome

Sometimes rest comes in the form of reading info that renews, revitalizes, encourages, and gives us strength. If you’re taking a break as you read this blog, here are some links that might help:

What are ways you rest and take a break?

38 Responses to “Rest & Its Yowling Creator Benefits”

  1. Cassandra Threadgill says:

    This is something I have had to make myself do. With all the deadlines of each class swamping me, it’s hard to put it all aside. Recently I have begun forcing myself to do nothing and I still feel like I am getting things done at the right pace.. Maybe because I can think better when I am less tired. It’s great,

  2. NiCollette Abrantes says:

    Rest tends to be necessary in my life at the most inconvenient of times, but if I do not listen to my body and relax, then I end up not being productive and I feel like a zombie. Rest usually takes the form of a nap; a three hour long or so nap. I notice that the more stressed out that I am the more I nap during the week. Another way that I rest, usually on weekends at home, is by watching movie upon movie on Netflix. I have spent an entire day before just watching movies. I have even watched a whole season of a television show in a day without even noticing the time slipping away. It is in times like those that I know I truly need the rest. I push off all of my assignments for the following day and spend the day honoring my body with its well deserved rest.

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Yes, “a zombie.” LOL! You’ve stated it well. Movie extravaganzas are one of my favorite ways to rest my mind. Did you know that when we watch TV, our brain waves are similar to those when we sleep (although not as restorative)? Still, I am often surprised at how rested I feel after a day spent doing nothing. Thanks for sharing, NiCollette!

  3. Jessikah says:

    Rest has never really been in my vocabulary. I am the kind of person who feels that they cannot rest until the entire project or task is completed. However, I have heard from many people now that rest is necessary. This blog gave me a few ideas on how to take a rest. More recently I have been learning to look at rest as a reward and something positive instead of another chore or sign of weakness.

  4. Trevor Rogers says:

    Rest seems to be somewhat of a foreign concept in college. With Air Force ROTC on top of normal classwork and attempting to have some fun, I find that it is near impossible to finish all my homework and get enough sleep in the allotted 24-hour day. This busy schedule tends to cause a lot of stress. When I begin to feel overwhelmed, I know that it is time to head to the beach, or to the top of Glendora Mountain Road, to hit the downhill mountain bike trails. After taking my mind off of the stress of school, I am ready to get back into my groove and get my work done in an efficient manner.

  5. Adam Jan says:

    This is something I forget to do, because I like to finish things and get them out of the way. However, I’ve been so busy with papers and other assignments lately, that I’ve burnt myself out while writing. I’ve worked hours at a time on something and I start to write stuff that doesn’t make sense. Taking a break and stepping back from my work really helps me to re-energize and brings back the motivation to finish my work. Some nights I just have to call it quits and fall asleep. This is what gets me through.

  6. Crystal Reed says:

    Rest has always been something I’ve known to be vital. I know the way my body functions; if I don’t get rest, I’m useless. This was an encouraging reminder, especially preparing for finals week, that I am only at my best when I am rested. Of course I won’t be fully rested during this week, but it is motivation that I will get that much-needed, complete rest when it’s all over. I’m really looking forward to that! Rest is so important for me to be able to think and work at my best. It really is restorative and I think it is something more college students should take advantage of.

  7. Madalyn Cortese says:

    This is something I have to continually remind myself to do. WIth all the work and hours demanded of you in college, especially during finals week, it seems there is never time to stop and take a break. It is important for me to remind myself to stop and relax, because if I do not I become too overwhelmed and stressed. When I am well rested and relaxed it is then easier for me to complete tasks later on. Rest is necessary and key in my life.

  8. Alex Meyers says:

    Resting or doing something active outside is my go to when stressed or worried. I tend to forget to rest whenever I’m dealing with a lot on my plate or simply just overwhelmed with the fact of how much work I do every week. For me taking a quick nap or simply going outside for a run rally clears my mind. In the book of Genesis it says in the Bible that God rests on the seventh day of creation. Who really knows what rest could mean for God? But the matter of fact is God did step away from what he was doing to possibly relax and see a clear overview of what he had just created. For me resting is key to success because without it I would spiritually and physically be weak.

  9. Christin Escaross says:

    Finals are this week and I am stressing out with all the studying and turning in papers. To relieve my stress I would take short naps or I would not be able to focus on what I was doing. After my naps, I would feel refreshed and keep studying. A couple hours into studying, I would take another break and either grab something to eat or just have a 15 minute conversation with a friend. Everyone needs a break and rest to be able to get a refreshment before getting back to their work.

  10. Bethany F says:

    I find it difficult to forget that I have assignments or tests hanging over my head every second of every day. This never-ending stream of stress can’t be healthy, but I can’t figure out how to make it go away for brief moments of rest. When one does not have access to a car to take one away from stress-filled environments, what can they do to “get away” for a time?

  11. Gabe Maceo says:

    Although I have been taught several times about the importance of rest, rest continues to be something that i struggle to find. I need to learn how to apply much needed rest in my busy and stressful life. Often i feel too stressed to take a nap and feel like the nap will only waste time. And most of the time I end up wasting that time anyways.

  12. Ryan Webb says:

    I love this article because I constantly find myself doing my work restlessly until it gets done. I realize how fatal this could have damaged my work that I have done in the past. Rest could be a perfect solution to making sure that I have my best possible work always being submitted. This caused me to think of numerous places that I could go to find peace of mind and inspiration such as the basketball court.

  13. Miguel Gutierrez says:

    Resting. the place that I take my worries and fing real “REST.” Is my local church every. I enjoy taking all my worries to church, because I believe that is the only place where I find “Rest.” After having a very busy week is hard to find time for resting and relax. The renewal of my body and soul is unexplicable when you are there. Everybody should try it!! it feels good.

  14. Jonatan A says:

    This blog is very interesting for me. I need to remember that rest is part of life. If you wait for time to rest, we won’r never find it. We need to find rest in the middle of activities. In recent weeks I’ve been so busy that it has affected my relationships. I think it’s time to take a break soon! lol

  15. Kelsey LaTendresse says:

    I agree and believe that both rest and recreation are equally important when in the middle of a project or busy time in your life. A change in scenery can give your mind a break, while making you feel happy at the same time. For me, if I just stay stuck in my room all day trying to work on something, I will become irritable and unfocused. Once I go outside, take a walk, or even just sit back and watch a movie, I immediately feel better. It especially helps when you find that place that you feel most comfortable and can take time out of the day to go there. When you return to your task, you have a clear mind and it may give you more perspective on things and will ultimately help you do a better job. It’s good that this place could be far away or just in your backyard.

  16. Kimberly M. says:

    The last time I commented on one of the blogs I said that one was my favorite. I think maybe this one just replaced it! Or perhaps I just love them all. I’m currently in the “burned out” zone when it comes to my creativity. I feel so bombarded with business that I don’t have time to create…and when I do get around to creating I feel a guilty loom of “you should be doing other things” come over my head. I realize that I need to rest. I crave a quiet place to let my soul wander. I’m sure that if I put a paint brush in my hands for five minutes, I would feel myself come back to life again…
    Thank you for your kind words for rest!

    • Kimberly M. says:

      Under the kind instruction of my professor who suggested to by water color paper (why i didn’t think of that i have NO idea), I am now happily painting again. I call it “therapy art.” It’s not supposed to be anything in particular but just brush strokes and colors to get the movement out of me, if that makes any sense at all. Today I picked up a brush and went to town on the paper until it started looking gross…I got upset because it looked gross but decided to look at it from a different perspective (funny, we were talking about perspectives yesterday in class). I turned it every possible way until- it was a fish! I accidentally painted an adorable fish and I am quite happy now. Thank you for suggesting to buy water color paper!

  17. Daniel Vazquez says:

    I can not make myself take a rest if my work is not finished. I can push myself to get all of my work done first. After my work is finished my body just completely relaxes. It feels good knowing that you have nothing left to do and that you can relax with ease. It is hard sometimes to push through it but the end result is definatley worth it.

  18. Austin says:

    I believe that this creative rest is exactly what I need. I will receive it over thanksgiving break when I will have 5 days back with my friends and family back in Portland. I want to get started on my research paper this weekend so I do not have to worry about it too much over the break but I know this rest time will bring me back rejuvenated and ready to do very well on it.

  19. Tiffany F says:

    I just got back from Thanksgiving break and it was about a week long. I went home knowing I had so much to do when I returned to school, but I needed a couple of days to replenish my mind and body. Right before I headed home I had submitted a 10-page paper getting very little sleep in the process, so doing work once I got home was nonexistent. I was able to sleep for numerous hours and watch movies nonstop. When I returned to school I felt so rested and motivated for finals week. Rest really is important especially for a college student.

  20. Chrissie C. says:

    As crazy as this seems, a way that I find rest is by going to Zumba. Although it is a form of exercise, Zumba helps me forget about all the work I have and allows me to just simply dance. I love to hear the loud music play and watch the instructor teach me fun dance routines. Without my daily zumba, I am not as happy and even antsy. Study breaks are my favorite time of the day!

  21. Abby Ludlow says:

    Especially during finals week sit seems like there is no time for resting. Students just want to gather all the information they can so that they can pass their tests. What I do to rest is spend time with my family. Just being able to sit and laugh with them is enough for me. They let me forget about my everyday struggles and worries. We often forget that as humans we need to rest. We weren’t built to last 24 hours without rest. Having a balance with both resting and working is what I try to strive for. There are moments when I wish that I could rest forever but then I am reminded of the plans that God has for me and it only makes me want to continue on working for Him. Just spending time playing games or talking walks with my mom help me to rest and forget everything that is going on around me.

  22. Beth says:

    As a college student, rest is extremely essential. This week is the week before finals in my university which means my sleeping pattern will be literally nonexistent. Fortunately, my body can run on only five hours of sleep per day. However, I still don’t feel “rested.” Recently, I’ve discovered that I can find refuge through reading books. I know I am crazy. Who rests through reading when one has so much material to read through already? Well this is how Beth takes her breaks – through reading, but for pleasure rather than for studying. In fact, this research paper I have been working on turned out to be quite fun instead of being just another assignment. My research included having to read some pretty interesting books, which made the assignment seem not so dreadful, but rather enjoyable.

    • Isaac McAllister says:

      Rest is very important for me when I am tired and need to refresh my brain. Even though I can go for quite a few hours without slowing down, I eventually run into my reserve energy and it can drain me the day after. One thing that I find very helpful is just to sit on my floor, turn on some nature noises, and close my eyes. This artificial dive into the outdoors provides me with a refreshing break and rejuvenates my creative juices.

  23. Fernanda Gutierrez says:

    When I feel overwhelmed while doing a project what I do is take a break. My mom always tells me to take a shower so I can refresh my mind. I take a break by either taking a shower or taking a nap this helps me calm down. Another way I calm down is getting my mind off of it. For example, I listen to music, talk to a friend, go for a walk, or sit down to watch a little bit of tv. By taking my mind off of it, it will help me go back to it and give it my all.

  24. Christinah Uppal says:

    Reading about rest is a refreshing thought. With the end of the semester approaching I think I will finally have time to rest and restore after a very demanding semester. I identify with being burnout. During the course of next semester I will plan to have days of rest allowing my mind to restore itself, although I do not know if they will succeed because I have a tendency to want to relax after all my work is done not before it is finished.

  25. Jaylene Land says:

    How I personally relax is to spend a day alone without any technology and enjoy the day and go wherever it may lead me. I believe it’s necessary for people to carve out time in their everyday lives for at least 10 minutes of relaxation and no stress, otherwise we’re in constant motion and will never have time to relax and “be still” with God. The more hectic life becomes, the more we need to set aside large amounts of time to just be and not let life take over everything that we do. We need to truly enjoy life around us and be satisfied with all that we have that are the blessings in life.

  26. Tristan Avila says:

    When I need a mental break I usually do some sort of physical activity. I will go for a walk, run, or to the gym. I use the physical activity to lift any stress I am having and or, just to clear my mind. Allowing my body and mind to forget about everything is what I do for breaks.

  27. Eric Garcia says:

    I have adopted the phrase ” I can rest when I’m dead!” from a past martial arts instructor and it has been pretty much history ever since. Although now I feel I that I am doing myself a diservice because I am always tired, in class and everywhere I go. Wether it’s because I am procrastinating the completion of homework or constantly on adventures with people from school, I have come realize that I am constantly fatigued and never a hundred percent. My plan for this coming Christmas break is to hibernate.

  28. Rest has its benefits.I find that when I take a week vacation in January and go to Arizona where I visit with my sister and her family the change helps me to rest. I enjoy the panoramic view while driving, the change of atmosphere and a release of day to day pressures, and no time schedules. Thus releasing anxiety and giving me clarity of mind. When I come back early I feel refreshed and ready for the next chapter in my life.

  29. Maria Elena Lopez says:

    Some of the ways that I rest or take a break would be praying, and or spending time with my family. I enjoy spending time praying, it gives me a time to reflect and to pray to God to give me patience, to give me strength, but especially Love. Another format in which I take a break or rest is, to spend it with my family. Play with my grandchildren, talk to my children, and enjoy watching a movie with my husband, that’s how to rest and feel that I am able to take a break from everything, work, school, stress etc.

  30. I am a very active person. I learned that rest is important is not being lazy, but is the recovery of the body. This semester that was the first time that I was able to enjoy to rest. I am more positive and happy when I do take time to enjoy life.

  31. Celia Brewer says:

    Some of the ways that I rest can take a break is that I enjoy spending time with my daughter and resting in my room. Having a lot of work in school and spending much time working on my home work it does get difficult to have some time to rest and just catch up with oneself. But I always try to make sure that I am not totally drained and that I am able to regain the energy that went missing to take a couple breathers in and out, and just enjoy time being me.

  32. Yesica caciano says:

    Rest is something very difficult for me to do .Being A single mother of two amazing girls that are very involved in activities and sport makes it hard for me to take time to rest. All year I been fighting to follow an agenda organize and set time for hat but it’s been impossible being a full time mother , worker and student . I hope that with my organization and adjusting priorities that plan will one day work.

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