Yowling Creator & Literary Techniques

Yowling Creator & Literary Techniques

Literary techniques are for more than just poetry and storytelling. They raise all writing to a higher level and make it memorable. Here’s why…

Literary Techniques Cause a Rhythmic Echo in the Ear

Alliteration, internal and external rhyme, and word repetition are often the literary techniques responsible for this. The repetition of sounds in consecutive words can make a professional product, advertisement, or story stick in our mind. For many of us, it’s how we learned our A-B-C and key lessons from nursery rhymes. For how many decades have you been humming, “Drop, drop! Fizz, fizz! Oh what a relief it is…” or another ad on television without wanting to remember it? Face it, even the most annoying yet sing-songy style can grab our attention and hold it hostage.

Literary Techniques Paint  an Unforgettable Picture

Literary techniques like imagery and onomatopoeia enter our minds through the five senses. They make us see, hear, taste, smell, and even touch the world in a new way. It’s the freshness of the image that makes it unforgettable. When an abstract concept is linked with something concrete through metaphor, it means even more. In the case of Chicken Soup for the Soul, it has meant a financially lucrative brand and household name.

There are teenagers who watched and heard me perform “The Taco Truck” just once in an English class. Four years later I’ve bumped into these same students, now in their twenties who say, “Yeah, I remember you. You’re that poet lady who wrote The Taco Truck.” Amazed, I always ask how they remember. “You made me hungry,” they say.

Literary Techniques Grab the Emotions

A solid universal theme, scary suspense, or a good dose of pathos can hijack the hippocampus and burn a writer’s topic into our brain. This is because the words carry highly charged emotions. Mariale Melanson Hardiman, author of Connecting Brain Research with Effective Teaching, says that “if the information is ’emotionally charged,’ the amygdala sends out hormones such as cortisol to ready the body’s system,” all of which ultimately helps us capture what’s happening and internalize it. In other words, when our writing is “emotionally charged,” people remember it.

If you’re interested in giving your writing a little pizazz, try peppering it with a literary technique. Here at Yowling Creator, we’ll explore the various literary techniques, examine their unique benefits, and talk about how to use them. For now, if you want to get started, check out Literary Devices.

Do you use literary techniques? If so, which ones? Let us know here at Yowling Creator.

5 Responses to “Yowling Creator & Literary Techniques”

  1. cv says:

    Remarkable things here. I am very satisfied to see your article. Thanks a lot and I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  2. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all of us you really know what you’re speaking approximately! Bookmarked. Please also consult with my site =). We could have a link exchange contract among us

  3. Sandra Funes says:

    I do like using literary techniques because they give life to any creation, and make the process easier. My favorite technique is imagery because it makes the reader to experience with all his or her senses the image that the writer is trying to communicate.

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Sandra, I like how you use the term “give life to any creation.” This has been my experience of both using literary technique and seeing them used by fellow authors. What a great phrase! Perhaps I’ll use it in a future post– attributing you for its brilliance, of course! I look forward to connecting further online.

  4. Suelen E Santos says:

    I learned the literary techniques this semester, and I loved using them on my creations. Some techniques such as alliteration and rhyme make poem flows. It is reasonable to say that it is like our poem is dancing. Other techniques touch the senses. Making the reader not just reading the words, but experiencing the meaning, feeling, and seeing what the writer wants to express. In general, I like to use all literary techniques. I believe each one has its importance and also it brings something very powerful to our masterpieces. However, my favorite ones are rhyme and alliteration.

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