Yowling Creator Testimonials

What more people say about Lisa Marie Sandoval and the Yowling Creator’s Way…

“I am currently a graduate student at Fuller Theological Seminary with tons of raw talent, yet little writing discipline. Lisa Marie Sandoval’s Yowling Creator’s Way has truly helped me engage my creative mind in writing my term papers with amazing results! I highly recommend the Yowling Creator’s Way for anyone that hopes to harness their ideas and convey them.” –Niki Moore, Marriage & Family Therapy graduate student at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA


“Lisa Marie, I would recommend you simply because of the efficiency of  your work, the simplicity of the process of working with you, even though we were thousands of miles apart and never met, and the ease with which we were able to engage with one another.” –David Rock, General Secretary of DYCW, Methodist Church in Ireland


“No matter how busy Lisa Marie Sandoval might be when you contact her, make sure you find a way to get on her teaching schedule. She is one of the best writing instructors/coaches you will ever find.” –Karl Edwards, Founder of Bold Enterprises


“Lisa Marie was a true Godsend to me. She is highly experienced…and a pleasure to work with. I doubt I would have met the deadlines without her diligent assistance… reliable, takes initiative, and always does what she says she will do.” –Dwain Camp, Pastor of Dhahan Fellowship in Saudi Arabia


“The process that Lisa guided me through in the creation of the paper…was an eye-opening experience. Not only did it help my creative process, but Lisa’s input allowed me to go from worrying about passing my first doctoral class to nearly acing the paper!” –Rich Griffith, DMin candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA


“…helped me see the whole process…even encouraging me to press on when I was depressed.”  –Terry Yeung, DMin, in Montreal, Canada


“I was having a lot of trouble….Lisa Marie helped me stay focused on my thesis and helped me to clarify…” –Chris Gobrecht, DMin and Pastor of New Covenant United Methodist Church in Appalachian Maryland


“I was apprehensive…Lisa was able to clearly explain what would be involved…As the process grew, Lisa offered valuable insights and suggestions to allow my thoughts to be expressed more clearly and was easily accessible (important, since I was in Canada!).” –Jamie Eitel, Pastor of Youth & Young Adults at Mississauga City Baptist Church in Canada

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