Yowling Creators: First Step of Freedom to Connect

Yowling Creators: First Step of Freedom to Connect

I’m so excited. My Creative Writing students are taking their first step of freedom to connect with an audience at a Yowling Creator cafe-style event tonight at 7:00 p.m. in Fuller’s Travis Lounge, located on the corner of Oakland and Walnut in Pasadena. Like many first-time yowling creators, my students felt shy in the beginning. They thought they had nothing to say and were even nervous to share their work with one another in our early workshops. But all that has changed. Now they’re excited to try out their yowling creator talent on a new audience…and I’m excited for them.

Why Am I Yowling with Excitement?

I’m excited because tonight these yowling creators have the opportunity to get validated for their efforts.

Yowling Creator cafe: Jonatan Altamirano

Yowling Creator cafe: Jonatan Altamirano

So far, they’ve only connected in Yowling Creator workshops. At the start, it felt like a big risk to share what was on their mind. Over the past few months through creative sweat and hard work, they’ve labored together to polish their pieces. They have formed a community. They now have someone to share their jitters.

Power of Yowling Creators Connecting

I’m also excited because I’ve seen the power of yowling creators connecting in the past. Here are some photos of previous events:

Yowling Creator cafe: Jennifer Puga

Yowling Creator cafe: Jennifer Puga

Yowling Creator cafe crowd

Yowling Creator cafe crowd

Food, fun, coffee, cider, and tons of laughter! The new yowling creators are always surprised at how much people enjoy their creations, particularly because most don’t see themselves as creative in the traditional sense. Yowling Creators ages 12 to 70 have participated, and they all say the same thing:

 If you’re local, join us tonight and connect with other Yowling Creators!


When we risk and step out in freedom to connect with others, something significant happens. We receive and provide mutual encouragement with fellow creators. We help ourselves to stay engaged in pursuing our passion, dream, or goal. And even if a response is not as positive as we’d hoped, we know we can learn what to do differently–which ultimately makes our work even better.


9 Responses to “Yowling Creators: First Step of Freedom to Connect”

  1. denise razana says:

    As part of the yowling group that presented last night, I am happy to say that without the community that we established it would have not been possible to feel as confident as we all did when it was our turn to stand up and present. It was a great experience, and having family present made it even better because sometimes you don’t feel.comfortable saying something in a conversation but through this kind of art form is easier. Once again, establishing a community and knowing they stand behind you makes a great difference. To those who were part of mine…keep on going, because the talent you showed will just keep on growing!

  2. Miguel Gutierrez says:

    I would like to share my experience as a “yowling creator.” During the whole process of my creations, it was very exciting to see how all my projects were growing from a small thought to become a creation for a presentation. I also learned that during my observations of all the people around me, it made my creations possible to be on paper and also to be express to an audience that was interested on what I had to say. And it was a great success in the end. I will continue to create something out of a single thought (no matter how small the thought is, at the end it will be a success story for everyone to enjoy for years to come). Thank you to all the “Yowling Creators” out there.

  3. Mayra R says:

    Last night was a new experience for me, to present a work accomplished during the last three months. It was challenging because this course was completely different than the regular classes. Through this class I was able to obtain tools that help to get through the end of this semester but also to implement the knowledge in other areas of my life.
    The final presentation allowed me take a break of my hectic schedule and make a pause to relax and take time to do something completely different. the opportunity to listen my classmates creations, some of them make me laugh , dreamed and even to meditate about who we are.
    I feel satisfied because we made it.

  4. Lizzie says:

    I am one of the students who presented several creations to an audience for the first time, it was a big challenge.
    The enviroment created there helped me to calm down and be confident.
    This class is the beginning for a wonderful journey in my life.

  5. December sixteen was a new experience for me, to present a work accomplished during the last six months.
    It was challenging because this course was completely different than the regular classes.
    The opportunity to listen my classmates’ creations.
    I feel satisfied because we made it.

  6. Amber Adelmann says:

    Wow! This looks like fun, and a great way to put things into action. I go on a lot of “coffee breaks” with friends, or jamming sessions, including the “jamming” of ideas, stories, poetry, and of course music. These have been especially frequent due to my lack of a full time job! Oops! Well, I would love to find my dream job with writing right now, but that will take time. My problem is trying to spend time writing, as it doesn’t take 5 minutes, because I am SO social! I tend to have a lot of bits and pieces, but sharing always helps them inflate to a solid, finished piece of work, because I want to inspire/enlighten/encourage others with it. Anyways, I think this is great and would love to attend one of these days!!

  7. Lisa Marie says:

    You’re right, Amber. These Yowling Creator events are great fun! It’s amazing to watch the audience’s heartful response to these first-time poets and storytellers, who in the beginning of their Yowling Creator’s Way always think they have nothing to say. Community is so important to the developmental process. I’ll make sure you’re added to our event list! 🙂 Peace–Lisa Marie

    • Amber Adelmann says:

      Thank you Lisa!! That is so true. We need each other to bring our inner artist out! 🙂
      P.S. I see your dad in one of these pics! hehe

      • Lisa Marie says:

        Yes, my dad is one of the audience members who returns year after year. At first, he showed up to support my event but later admitted he was shocked at how much he enjoyed the work presented.

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