Yowling Creators Need Spiritual Release

Yowling Creators Need Spiritual Release

Often the creation process can feel like a bubbling brook. It either splashes along happily or clogs with obstructions. Too many obstructions can paralyze the flow. Yowling from our soul brings spiritual release and dislodges us from such paralysis. It frees us from never-ending circles of despair and propels us forward into the hope that what we’re setting out to do we can achieve. Without fluid spirituality, creative streams cannot flow. They dam up and so do our ideas. This is what I call “creator’s crunch.” Moving beyond creator’s crunch means expressing our yowling, so creative rivers can flow.

Your Yowling Spirit Guides Your Perspective

As a creator, your clogged spirit is very much like contaminated waters. How you view your ideas relates with how you view yourself. If you think you are valuable, you will value your ideas and give them your most precious resources: time, energy, and attention. If not, you probably will ignore your yowling. Over time this can lead to pent-up frustrations, inability to pursue other projects, and a general feeling of failure or not living up to our potential.

Creative Reflection: Connect with Your Yowling

In spending time in creative thought, we connect spiritually with our creation. We give it room and space to flow naturally. Even if we are stuck and not making any progress, we can still hang out with our idea. Take it to lunch, invite it for coffee, dream awake about it, and dwell on it as you drift off to sleep. Let it become your friend, your lover, your newborn child whom you long to see every chance you spare yourself a moment alone.

Without spiritual fluidity, creative streams cannot flow

Ponder it, prize it, and even pray for its good health and safe keeping until developmentally it can walk on its own. Simply being together is what naturally knits two people together and makes a relationship grow. It’s the same with your creation. Engaging in creative reflection helps you to connect with your yowling self.

How do you connect with your yowling to stay in the creation process?

15 Responses to “Yowling Creators Need Spiritual Release”

  1. Erin Belluomini says:

    Being connected to yourself and understanding what it is that you take joy allows you to enjoy the creative process. Its not always easy and yes sometimes self image gets in the way, but if one is willing to step back, let go of the need to control and give it to God, and then write about what you love then writing won’t be a block. It will be a flowing river!

  2. Kaitlyn Bauer says:

    When writing my essay I found it difficult to keep my passion for my topic alive. It was because I knew the topic so well. My topic was discussed in two of my other classes. When it came to my third class, I thought it would be easy to do this topic because I knew it so well. In this post you say that writers need to bond with their topics and have impact their lives. In the end, I wanted to break up with my topic. I was sick of researching it and thinking of different ways to express my point of view. The only reason I was able to finish my topic was because I reached out to my dad. My dad asked me many questions about my topic because he was very interested in my topic. I used his passion to motivate me to finish a quality paper.

  3. Elena Medina says:

    During the process of creation there are moments when you feel overtired.Your ideas or thoughts are difficult to organize and seems not to be clear. It is the time to take a rest. Rest is a very important part of the process of creation.Sometimes it is enough to take a few minutes to relax just closing your eyes or, taking a short walk, or drinking a cup of coffee, tea, or just water. Things like this will revitalize your soul and get back your energy.

  4. Elena Medina says:

    A creative reflection is important to give us a release while we are creating. In the process of creation we need to stayed engaged with our project.A positive thought has the power to maintain a connection with the yowling creation.A positive thought gives us the strength to keep connected with the yowling process when seems that we do not go anywhere or we do not have any progress.

  5. Abby Ludlow says:

    Just hearing the words that I have to write an essay overwhelms me. I try to relieve my stress by praying and freeing my mind. A peaceful place to let out my ideas gets my creative juices flowing. I usually have writers block or what I call brain farts when I am about to end or start a paper. Once I get going on a paper I am fine and a lot of the information that I am trying to get across comes our the way that I want it too. I try to go as much in depth with the text that I can possibly go.

  6. Tricia Fontneau-Ramos says:

    My spirit has recently been clogged with many different things. The end of the semester is approaching with only a few days left to get things done. With so many things to do, it makes it difficult to focus on only one thing at a time. Writing my last research paper has been hard, because I’ve been trying to avoid it and get everything else done first. Reading this helped me realize that I need to sit down and spend more time with my topic than I have been giving it. Hopefully this will help my paper start to come together.

  7. Sara Nunez says:

    For me the connection to my yowling creator happens when I find the right background music to work with. According to the type of creation I am working on, the music has to be perfect for it, or else, I just cannot accomplish it. And that can really frustrate me at times, because it could be hard to find exactly what I am looking for at that precise moment that I have set aside to create. Mostly when writing a paper for school. It just makes me feel so frustrated when I try to create, and end up with a blank page, after a brainstorm. For example, right now, I need to finish writing my paper, but instead, I am on this website trying to express my frustration to get it out of my system. At the end, I know it will happen, although it is taking for ever.

  8. Yesica Caciano says:

    When writing I find it difficult to put my thoughts in order in a peace of paper. I end up selecting a topic and then realize that i can’t write anything on it.I can’t maintain the focus on the purpose of what I’m writing.What am I missing?

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Hi Yesica,

      I know what you mean. Sometimes it can be frustrating. Perhaps it might help to keep in mind that “focusing on the purpose” doesn’t necessarily mean putting everything in perfect order upon first try. I recommend letting your ideas splash on the page without censorship and then taking a second and third pass at organizing, connecting, and ordering all the random thoughts. Sometimes the common thread of genius doesn’t surface until the chaos is on the page. I hope this helps!

  9. German Tapia says:

    For the last five weeks of my life, it has been like a roller coaster up and down emotionally. It is hard to concentrate on homework and keep my mind fresh for lectures from professors. Despite all the problems I have encountered for the last four-five days, at the end of the tunnel a light always appears to be shining. In life, problems need to be confronted but sometimes we don’t know how to. This is when people that care for you gives you support and advice. Words of encouragement can lift you and have a different perspective of what is going on around you.

  10. Miguel Gutierrez says:

    We as individuals encounter lots of obstacles during the week. In order to stay connected with my yowling during a creative process. First, I find a place where I can create. After that, I gather the things needed for my creation, and I start creating from nothing. Finally, I let my yowling engaged with my creation precess.

  11. 1st I prayer to my Heavenly Father
    2nd I meditate on finding a topic. 3rd. I start to organize my ideas by brainstorming using the Yowling creative method. 4th I speak out to hear the rhythm of the words as a strategy and there it is my creaation..

  12. Yesica Caciano says:

    I feel that sometimes setting time is a big challenge for me. I find myself doing other things instead of focusing on the time I have set aside to create.Ones I have my time I can manage to organize and create with the Yolling creative method. Brainstorming can be challenging at time but ines I get the rhythm it becomes easier .

  13. Celia Brewer says:

    I try to stay in my yowling through prayer, by watching others create, or seeing there creation, to get inspired. Sometimes by watching T.V. and relaxing in my room really help me to relax and to spend time in peace so that I have enough patience and energy to create and to brainstorm. I always try to make sure each project, and each creation is unique and different, that each have meaning and a purpose for me.

  14. Carmen Gutierrez says:

    I write for myself and then I worry about the rest. When I write a poem. I first have to tell or connect it to myself. Once I have the first draft ready, It is time to take care of my readers, eliminating those things that are not part of the poem.

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